How to redeem a gift card or code on your Microsoft account

The gift card of your Microsoft account can be used to purchase any app or game online. There are many users who have reported that they find difficulty in redeeming their card or code. Besides, the card which you are using might be for different purpose i.e. for subscription or for buying specified items. Not to worry as here in this article, we will discuss some easy tips to redeem your card either on Windows 10 or Xbox One.

To do this visit the official website or section and sign in using your authorized account. In case your family uses separate multiple Microsoft accounts, ensure that you have logged into the account of which you want to use the gift card or code. After this, type the 25 character code located on the card and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the task. The detailed idea to redeem the card is mentioned below.

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How to redeem a gift card or code

Here, we depict how to redeem a gift card or code on Windows 10 PC-

1. Redeem a gift card or code on Windows 10

  • At first sign in to your Microsoft account using credentials like email, phone, and Skype ID.
  • Now go to the Taskbar and click on the Microsoft Store icon to open the app.
  • On the visible screen hit See more (…) option then select Redeem Code from the context menu.
  • Succeeding after, type the 25 character code in the void box which you want to redeem and click on the Redeem button.

Redeem Gift Card

  • Once the process is finished, use the desired app without any problem.

Note: If the card has a balance in money, you can use all amounts from your account to purchase the app or game online using Microsoft store.

When the card is for a specific app or things on Windows 10

If the card or code is specified to buy specific digital things, Microsoft adds this app in the library section of Microsoft Store. To use this –

  1. Open Microsoft Store icon and click on the See More (…) option located next to the Search.
  2. Now hit My Library from context menu where you can see the list of available products that can be downloaded and installed.
  3. Here use the card or code to buy the product and use the bought application.

2. Redeem a gift card or code on Xbox One

To redeem the gift card using the Xbox One console is one of the easiest ways. It helps you to easily purchase the digital items with the following few steps.

  • At first, ensure your system is connected to the internet and sign into the registered Microsoft account. Thereupon, follow these steps to redeem the code-
  • Go to Cortana and type Xbox One console to open the Home section.
  • Now press RB four times to open the Store and choose to Use a code tile.
  • Use the virtual keyboard and type 25-character code then press the menu button.

Redeem Gift Card

  • Lastly, select the Confirm button to purchase the product.

The selected item will be automatically received on your Microsoft account and is ready to be used. All you have to do is to download and install the app/ game.

When the card is for a specific app or things on Xbox One

In case the available card is available only to purchase specified digital items, by default it would be added to your personal library. To use this follow the below steps-

  1. First of all, hit the Xbox button using your controller and select My games and apps option.
  2. Now click on the Ready to install thereafter choose the app or game which you want to install.
  3. Lastly, select Install and use the item as per your need.
  4. If the card is only for the subscription like Xbox Live Gold, you can see it navigating to the path System > Settings > Account > Subscriptions.

That would be All.


  1. Dana Edgin URGENT
    Dana Edgin URGENT

    I unknowingly was part of a phishing incident. Two $100 x-Box gift cards were purchased and the codes revealed to the scammers. Will you please freeze the gift cards below and let me know what I can do to redeem my $200.

    • Hello Dana,

      We are sorry but we can’t freeze any gift cards. What you can do is inform the same to Microsoft.

      One more thing, don’t put your codes or any personal information on any Website. If you do have any queries and want to share some other information, please drop a mail at howtoedge.

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