Solved: Red Dead Redemption 2 error on Windows 10

Red Dead Redemption 2 error is a major bug that several users are encountering these days while playing games on Windows 10 PC. Usually, this error appears when one tries to start Rockstar Launcher normally or even in the Safe mode. In such scenarios, CPU utilizes max memory thus causing the system to perform slow. Today, in this blog post, we illustrate different ways to fix the Red Dead Redemption 2 error and the underlying causes behind this.

The launcher will display the following thread messages- “Red Dead Redemption 2 exited unexpectedly” or “The Rockstar Launcher exited unexpectedly.” The corrupt graphics AMD driver, pending Windows Update, third-party anti-malware program, and outdated Rockstar game launcher versions are some prime reasons behind this error. Disable the antivirus program, Update BIOS and re-activate the game launcher profile may resolve the Red Dead Redemption 2 error. Let’s explore the fixes in detail-

Imp: The rockstar is not a small game, hence there must remain 150 GB of spare space to run this game properly on Windows 10 device. 

How to fix Red Dead Redemption 2 error

Here, we depict seven workarounds to resolve the Red Dead Redemption 2 error on Windows 10 PC-

1} Uninstall and reinstall AMD Radeon software

The corrupt or outdated AMD Radeon driver may trigger the Red Dead Redemption 1 error on your PC. Hence, the first solution is to uninstall and reinstall AMD Radeon software (19.11.1 or above). Here’s how to proceed-

  • Go to the Search and type Control Panel in the text area.
  • Hit the top result to start this desktop app.
  • Among different categories, select Programs and features thereafter find out the AMD software on the succeeding screen.

Red Dead Redemption 2 error

  • Move to the top ribbon and hit the Uninstall/Remove button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to completely remove the AMD graphics software; once finished Restart your PC.
  • Now go to the official website, thereafter download and install the lately released setup file.
  • Lastly, try launching the Rockstar Games Launcher without receiving the Red Dead Redemption 2 error on Windows 10 device.

2} Update the video card drivers

The Display card plays a vital role in properly running the game on your system. In case, the graphics driver gets damaged or becomes obsolete may also lead to this Red Dead Redemption 2 error on Windows 10 PC. Updating this software is the best way to resolve this issue. Follow the below guidelines to perform the task-

  • Make a right-click on the Windows icon and select Device Manager from the Power Menu.
  • When this Desktop app comes up, expand the Display adapters category.
  • Henceforth, put a right-click again on the installed graphics card and select Update driver using the context menu.

Red Dead Redemption 2 error

  • On the succeeding screen, Search automatically for updated driver software option. By default, this downloads a suitable program depending on your motherboard; just ensure that you have stable internet.

Note: If you are using NVIDIA graphics, the driver must be either version 441.12 or above. You can manually download the recently released driver visiting the manufacturer’s website.

You may now play the Rockstar Games without experiencing the Red Dead Redemption 2 issue. 

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3} Disable Third-party Antivirus software

The presence of third-party anti-malware programs may also prohibit the smooth-play of rockstar games. If that’s the case, try removing these apps following the below steps-

  • Go to Start and select the Gear icon (Settings) from the left-wing.
  • When the Settings app appears, select Apps followed by Apps & features category.
  • There forth, switch to the right-pane; scroll down and locate the anti-virus application.
  • Once found, select the same and hit the Uninstall button.

Red Dead Redemption 2 error

  • If the confirmation window appears, click Uninstall again to confirm this task.
  • Once the app is uninstalled, Reboot the PC so as to save the changes performed so far.

Note: Windows 10 has an in-built security program (Windows Security), hence you don’t require any third-party anti-malware software.

4} Install the latest Windows Update

Sometimes pending Windows 10 updates might restrict certain programs from working effectively. In such cases, one should troubleshoot the Red Dead Redemption 2 error by installing the recent patches on your system. 

  • Jointly press “Win + I” to invoke the Settings app.
  • Here, select the Update & Security category thereafter switch to the Windows Update section.
  • On the adjacent right-pane, there appears a list of pending cumulative updates; just click the Download button. See the snapshot below-

Windows Update

  • This will update the Windows 10 OS to the latest version, Restart your PC.
  • Now, open the Rockstar game launcher and play the game without occurring Red Dead Redemption 2 error.

5} Update the Rockstar Games Launcher

If even after applying the above workarounds you are unable to launch the Rockstar game due to Red Dead Redemption 2 error, make sure to update this app. If you don’t know how to proceed, here are the complete steps-

Rockstar Games Launcher

  • At first, close the Rockstar Game if running.
  • Next, go to the taskbar and right-click on the Game launcher henceforth select the Exit option.
  • When the Rockstar game and launcher are turned off, Restart the launcher again.
  • In case, any updates are available on the succeeding page, do install the same to remove the underlying cause behind this bug. 

6} Clear the local Rockstar Game Launcher profile

The randomly generated Rockstar Game launcher profile may also lead to this Red Dead Redemption 2 error on your Windows 10 device. To counter this issue, you should delete the profile just following the following steps-

  • First of all, start the Rockstar game launcher app and hit the Settings button.
  • Succeeding that, move to the Account Information section and select Delete Local Profile link.

Red Dead Redemption 2 error

  • If the verification window appears, click Confirm to authenticate the same.

Now, try signing in to the Rockstar games launcher again and play the game without Red Dead Redemption 2 bug.

Note: This process will delete all the profile’s information from the local machine however, it won’t remove the Social Club or saved games. After you sign in to the Social club, this will recreate your local profile again.

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