How to Fix Printer driver Error 0x80070705 in Windows 10

Several Windows 10 users reported that when they try taking print-outs through their printers, they get into some new error codes. This unknown printer driver error code is 0x80070705 and upon occurring, this may prevent you from completing the printing jobs. According to them, this problem arises mainly when they attempt to shift their printers from an old server to a new taking aid of the Google policy preferences. 

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After researching thoroughly over this issue, we have concluded that there are a few reasons that may cause this bug on your device. Furthermore, we have also compiled three ways that can help to address this issue on your device. Let’s explore these solutions in detail –

Printer driver Error 0x80070705

Fix Unknown Printer Driver Error 0x80070705

If you want to get rid of the printer driver error 0x80070705, try out these workarounds one by one –

1. Troubleshoot Printer to fix 

Troubleshooting a Printer is the best way to know the reasons behind print-related issues including 0x80070705. Following the below steps may/may not solve this bug. However, if you have already used a repairing tool to solve the printer inconsistencies, this method should definitely work –

  • Press “Windows key + R” together to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Inside the Run dialog box type “ms-settings:troubleshoot“.
  • Click on the OK button.
  • Select “Troubleshoot” on the left pane and jump to the right side.
  • Here, click over the link – Additional Troubleshooters.
  • Click to expand the printer section, and hit Run the troubleshooter

Printer driver Error 0x80070705 - Run the troubleshooter

  • Wait for a few minutes until the scan completes. If this identifies any problem, you will be provided an option – Apply this fix. 
  • Click over this button so that the troubleshooter makes the appropriate amendments. 

Apply this fix

  • After applying the recommended fix successfully, restart Windows 10.

Sign back into your device and check if the issue gets resolved or is still occurring while taking printouts. 

2. Restart The Print Spooler Service

Incorrectly configured print spooler service may also start the error code 0x80070705 in Windows 10. If that’s the case, you must restart this service by following the below instructions –

  • Right-click over the Windows logo and select Run.
  • Type “services.msc” and hit OK.
  • On the services window, scroll down and locate the Print Spooler Service.
  • Right-click over it and choose the option – Properties.
  • Go to the General tab on the spooler properties window and select Automatic under the startup type section. 
  • Next, hit the Stop button.

Print Spooler Properties

  • Wait for a few seconds before clicking the Start button. Doing so will restart the print spooler service.
  • In the end, restart your PC so that changes made come into effect from the next logon. 

3. Update Root Print Queue to fix Printer driver Error 0x80070705

In case the printer driver Error 0x80070705 persists even after following the above solutions, try out this workaround –

  • Press Win + X and choose the option – Device Manager. 
  • Expand the Print Queues section, and put the right-click over Root Print Queue.
  • Choose the “update driver” option on the context menu.
  • Subsequently, hit “Search automatically for drivers“.
  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the remaining process. 

I hope this tutorial helps to resolve the printer driver error 0x80070705 in Windows 10. If you still have any queries or suggestions, let’s know in the below comment section. 

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