How to prevent Google from storing your voice recordings

This is the era of virtual assistants whether it is Google Assistant or Alexa by Amazon. Users depend on them pretty much to carry out their basic needs. The major drawback of using these assistants is that they store more and more data about us and create a separate virtual identity on their server. Here, in this blog post, we are going to discuss ways to prevent Google from storing your voice recordings.

Well, technically speaking; this won’t be that easy still the process is quite simple and easy to understand. All you can do is- disable some of its attributes. In doing so, you have to compromise the advanced features of Google. You can also continue using their functionality and delete your recordings on a regular basis.

How to prevent Google from storing your Voice Recordings

Here, we discuss the exact fix to stop Google from storing your voice recordings on their Server –

Note: You can follow the below steps only on a web browser. If you are an android user, just open any web browser and perform the identical task.

Step-1: At first, enter the My Activity section by Google.

Step-2: Now make a click on the hamburger icon (three vertical dots) to view the pull-out menu.

prevent Google storing voice recordings

Step-3: Subsequently, click on Activity Controls then scroll down to Voice and Audio Activity section.

Step-4:  Thereafter, turn off the toggle switch against Voice and Audio Activity.

Prevent Google storing voice recordings

Step-5: A pop-up window appears instantly warning you of its consequences at the same time explaining the nice attributes of Google Assistant.

There is nothing to worry about as you can always turn it back ON. Hence, simply hit the pause button and the company will take care of the rest.

Step-6: Succeeding after, visit the Activity controls section again and turn off voice recording Google Assistant.

Note: When the toggle switch remains On, you will receive a friendly response from Google Assistant. However, once disabled; you do get answers but are rather distorted this time. Therefore, turning the toggle switch off does create some bugs who use this Assistant more often.

Another interesting thing is, that disabling Audio recordings won’t pause any other activity from google. The company still tracks you as you can see the same visiting the My activity page though it doesn’t comprise any voice recordings.


Hence, you have basically two options, the first one is to compromise and let Google store your recordings and delete them from time to time. However, as Google stores data on its server, you will never be sure whether it vanishes somewhere or is still hanging somewhere. We have described the second method above in detail. The choice is all yours.