How to Pin Sites to the Taskbar on Edge Chromium Canary

Microsoft has pushed out a new version for the Chromium-based Edge browser. This version grants you Pin Sites to the Taskbar on Edge Chromium which is one of the most impressive features available with the browser. As per the company, this advancement will create better web compatibility for customers and less fragmentation for web developers.

With build, the company adds two new features to the browser. If we address the first one, this is pin sites that enable its users to add their most visited websites to the taskbar for faster access. Another new feature is the ability to launch web sites in the Internet Explorer mode. Although, it is disabled by default you can make it enable with a flag which we have discussed below.

Methods to Pin Sites to the Taskbar on Edge Chromium

Here are the simple steps to Pin Sites to the Taskbar on the Chromium Edge-

  • At first, open Microsoft Edge Canary Browser and type any web address that you want to pin to your taskbar.
  • Once the webpage opens up, tap over the three horizontal bars available at the top right corner.
  • Henceforth, hover the mouse at More Tools category thereafter select Pin to Taskbar option. See Snapshot below-

Pin Sites to the Taskbar on Edge Chromium

  • A pop-up window appears asking to confirm the changes, hit Pin button as shown below-

Pin Sites to the Taskbar on Edge Chromium

That’s it, you can now notice the pinned website will appear on the Taskbar.

Enable Internet Explorer Integration

Step-1: At first, launch the Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser.

Step-2: Go to the address bar and type- edge://flags. Now, press Enter.

Step-3: On the following screen, visit the search bar and type- Enable IE Integration.

Note: Alternatively, type the following parameter in the address bar to open the flag directly-


Step-4: From the top of the result, locate Enable IE Integration and switch it from Default to IE Mode.

Enable IE integration

Step-5: At the bottom of the screen, a message will prompt, asking you to restart the browser.

Step-6: Click on the Relaunch Now button.

Step-7: Now, open the main menu (three dots button) of the browser. From the list of the available option, click on the More tools.

Step-8: Click on Show this page using the Internet Explorer option.

Enable IE integration

As you can see in the image above, the feature is a work in progress. It opens a new tab that redirects its URL to the Internet Explorer browser. In the forthcoming days, we can expect a more seamless integration of two products.