How to perform a Clean Boot on windows 10

The presence of third-party apps ruins the smooth performance of the system and often leads to errors and bugs. Besides, Windows 10 OS too ran into different problems like drivers update issues, BSOD, WSOD, etc. just because of this. In this post, we illustrate a simple way to solve this i.e. “Perform a clean boot on Windows 10“. Installing the latest update, Space shortage on HDD, Windows Startup conflict, and others may also add to PC running slow. 

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Usually, the normal boot of a PC automatically restarts those programs and services that are useless and may create software nuisance. Performing a clean boot is one of the best solutions to root out numerous issues. Once you do the clean-boot, it is essential to return your device back to its normal state. Let’s explore these methods in detail – 

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How to perform a clean boot on windows 10

To perform a clean boot on Windows 10, use the workarounds –

Perform the Clean Boot

Note: Before performing a clean boot of the system, sign in as an Administrator to access the settings easily. 

Step-1: At first, click on the Search icon and type msconfig in the text area.

Step-2: Thereupon, hit the System Configuration option.

Step-3: On the succeeding wizard, tap the Services tab and mark Hide all Microsoft services checkbox.

Step-4: Subsequently, tap the Disable all button.

Perform a clean boot

Step-5: Now move to the top ribbon and tap the Startup tab followed by the Open Task Manager option.

Step-6: Here, select the suspected program and Disable its running performance.

Task Manager

Step-7: Repeat the above steps until you turn off all of the interfering apps.

Step-8: Going ahead, click the close (X) button of the Task Manager window then OK on System Configuration to save the recent changes.

Step-9: At last, Restart your system.

After the next login, your PC will boot only the essential applications.

The above workaround will disable all non-essential apps running in the background, letting the system perform faster.

Note: After the next login, if the software conflict comes back, follow Steps 1 to 4 to re-enable the non-Microsoft services and Reboot your PC.

Getting back to the Normal State

If performing a clean boot solves the problem, you should restore Windows 10 to its normal state. Here is the step-wise procedure to do this without causing any service error. 

  • Right-click on Windows and select Run using the Power Menu.
  • In the Text box, type msconfig then tap the OK button.
  • Switch to the Services tab and check the Hide all Microsoft services thereafter hit Enable all button.

Stop Services

  • Next, go to the adjacent tab i.e. Startup henceforth open the Task Manager link.
  • Here, select the program that is turned off and hit Enable button available at the lower pane.

perform clean boot

  • Now close the Task Manager wizard and tap OK while being on the System Configuration page.
  • Lastly, Reboot your system to save the changes made so far.

That’s it, you may now use Windows normally.