Windows 10 19H1- New Features and changes Build 18305

Microsoft will soon release the new version of Windows 10 19H1 in the spring of 2019. This would be the seventh major update of this OS. There are some major changes that come along with this release and are there to improve the system stability. Today, in this article, we will explain the key changes of Windows 10 19H1. Let’s explore them in detail-

Windows 10 19H1

The new features and changes- Windows 10 version 19H1

Here we discuss the key changes that are added on the 1903 version of Windows 10-

Innovative desktop experience

With the Windows 10 1903,  there is fluent design in the desktop while you sign in to your PC. The Microsoft has redefined the texture style along with improving the visual clarity in comparison to the previous version.

Start menu improvements

There are minor changes in the Start Menu as well. At first, The Power button has been replaced with new icons for Sleep, Shutdown and Restart option. When you click on the profile menu, the icon available for “Change account settings,” “Lock” and “Sign-out” option have also been changed. The Company performs some other changes too which are as follow-


They modify the old look of Search box on Windows 10 19H1. Now if you open the Search bar, an updated page will pop-up with better spacing. With this release, you can also see recent activities. If you hover over any option while filtering, there appears light theme in behind.


With the Windows 10 1903, minor changes have been brought in the notification area of the Task bar. Here you will see new “Disconnected” icon if there is no internet connection on the System.

Under System tray, you can also see the microphone icon if that is plugged into the port. When you hover mouse around this icon, it will show the currently accessed apps on your device. when you double click on this icon, it will open the Microphone settings page by default.

Another modification in the Task bar is the display of the Windows Update icon near the notification area and Start menu power button. If there is orange indicator displaying near this icon, it simply indicates that your Computer requires a Reboot.

Action Center

If you keep on adjusting the brightness of the system now and then, it has brought good feature with April 1903 update. The new slider of action Center located on the desktop can help you to  adjust the brightness of the screen directly.

Power and Sleep

If you want to add or remove buttons without going to Settings app then just right-click on specific button and choose Edit from drop down menu. Now click on unpin thereafter do the click on Add button to add the button.

File Explorer

With the build v18305, File Explorer icon is provided a new look. On opening this app, you can have the feeling of working around Office app with simple light theme which sounds interesting.

Updating the default downloads folder sorting:

It is quite difficult to sort out the recent items in download folder when they are arranged in alphabetically order. With this build, Microsoft have updated the download section as well. The recent files will now appear on the top of the list, thus it would be easy to identify them.

Light theme

The Start Menu, Action Center, taskbar, touch keyboard, and other elements are now available in lighter color with the onset of Windows 10 update 19H1. To add new color on the interface, you have to follow the path i.e.  Settings > Personalization > Colors then go to “Choose your color ” section. Here choose Light option from the drop-down menu. When you select custom option under same drop- down menu, it permits you to use light theme without any new changes.  

Game bar

The company have declared that with Windows 10 version 1903 18305, there will be a new gallery on Game bar. Users can take screenshots of the game or video directly without even leaving the console. They can even share the contents directly on Twitter or other social media platforms.

Changes under Settings app

Microsoft has brought several refinements and features under Settings app in Windows 10 version 1903 (19H1) 18305. We have described them below one by one-

Focus assist

The Company added a new option i.e. “When I’m using an app in full screen mode.” under Automatic rule section of the Focus assist page in Settings app. Using this tool, you can now avert distractions while working on full screen Mode.


They have improved the storage part as well on your system. There is no need to select each drive now to know how much disk drive utilizes memory. Using this feature, you can access settings to enable, disable, and configure option in certainly  easy way. All you have to do is to select the Configure Storage Sense or run it now option under Storage section of Settings app.

Microsoft have included Optimize Drives option under Settings which you can use to de-fragment drives. In thus way, you can access storage usage on other drives.

Printers & Scanners

The link of Printers & Scanners settings page have now been set on the right pane of the same page. Hence, different options are now easy to find and fix the issue if discovered.

 Apps & features

There is drastic changes performed in the Apps & features section after this update. You can now uninstall more in-built app like 3D Viewer, Calculator, Calendar, Groove Music ,Mail, Movies & TV, Paint 3D,Snip & Sketch, Sticky Notes Voice Recorder if you are not using them currently.

In previous update, you can only uninstall these apps: Microsoft Solitaire Collection, My Office, One Note, Print 3D, Skype, Tips and Weather.

options

The sign in option becomes an easy task on Windows 10 19H1 updates. It enables you to setup authentication like figure pints, password, picture password etc. in an easy manner.


There is slight modification made in Ethernet settings as well so that you can now configure the static IP address, DNS server preference, set wireless settings to be active for long time.

Date & Time

Using 10 April 2019 update, you can manually synchronize the clock of the time server. In case the time server is disabled, the Settings app will keep the record of last time when the time server was successfully synced along with the path of current time server.


After updating the System to Windows 10 v1903, a separate option will now be there to install language pack so that a new language would be added effectively. There is also an individual option to install Speech recognition, Text to speech in this updated Windows 10 version.

Cursor & pointer

Under Change pointer color of the Cursor & pointer settings page, you can choose suggested custom color for the mouse pointer.

Searching Windows

With the latest update a new page is added in the Cortana known as “Searching Windows,” which works to adjust the search indexing settings. In the previous versions, this settings is managed by Control Panel. Now if any extra folder exists in the search windows, you can exclude this after upgrading your system.

Microphone/ camera

Microsoft has confirmed that the settings page related to Camera and microphone would also be improved with Windows 10 v1903. It will display the list of apps which are currently using the Camera and microphone with a “Currently in use label.”


The “Recommended troubleshooting,” added under Troubleshooting page is there to resolve the common occurring issues.Troubleshoot

Windows Update

In updated Windows 10 v1903, the link option is changed to icon with button. Hence you can no longer see the link under Windows Update settings page.

Another modification done here is to add the “Pause update” option which could be used to disable the current downloading update. In the similar way the pending update can now be extended upto several days.

What’s new in input


The built 18305 insider have also added Windows Ebrima font which aids in reading ADLaM documents and websites.

Note: ADLaM is developed by Ibrahima Barry and Abdoulaye Barry, so that it would be easy to understand fulani language on Windows 10.

Touch keyboard

There is good news for the touch keyboard users as well. Microsoft have worked upon the user’s feedback and improved the functionality of touch keyboard. With this update, it can now dynamically adjust the expected letter when the finger miss the actual key. As a result, you can type more accurately and faster as compared to previous Insider.

Windows 10 19H1


With the Windows 10 1903 (19H1), the use of touch keyboard would become easy in comparison to previous version. There are more languages added in this Insider preview like:

  • English (Canada) – en-CA
  • English (India) – en-IN
  • French (Canada) – fr-CA
  • French (Belgium) – fr-BE
  • Portuguese (Portugal) – pt-PT
  • French (Switzerland) – fr-CH
  • German (Switzerland) – de-CH
  • Spanish (United States) – es-US

Note: Even if you use the hardware keyboard, you can avail the text suggestions facility too.

What’s new with system experience

The upcoming Windows 10 April 2019 update will introduce the group policy. This will restrict the use of Security for Local account.  Now this group will be located under Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Credential User Interface.


You will see new caret sign at the end of address bar under Registry Editor window. when you press F4 key, this sign indicates the expended autocomplete drop-down.

Windows Console

They have improved several Windows Console such as Command Prompt, PowerShell and Windows Subsystem for Linux. The Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Scroll hotkey is now set to enlarge the text size of these console.

In Windows 10 v1903 update, the properties page will introduce a new “Terminal” under this section. This tab will help you to set the terminal’s color, Cursor shape and some more features to the console.

What’s new with built-in apps

Microsoft have declared that there will be more improvement in the section of built-in apps which are described below:


This app is now able to save files in UTF-8 without a Byte Order Mark and make file as default new.  The notepad app will now contain (*) mark at the title bar, indicating the document is unsaved.

With the onset of new release, you can send your feedback directly using Notepad. Just click on the Help tab and select Feedback. Here type your opinion and send it directly to the product team. Some additional shortcuts are added to quick launch the different window:

  • Ctrl + Shift + N –>opens a new Notepad window.
  • Ctrl + Shift + S –> opens the Save as… dialog.

Ctrl + W –> closes the current Notepad window.

Windows Security

The most important change is made in the Security section of Windows 10  including “Protection history” option.  This tool now contains easy to understand information of Windows Defender Antivirus.

After upgrading your PC, if any malware is found under Windows Defender Offline scanning tool the same will be displayed in your history. In case any pending recommendation is available it shows red or yellow exclamation mark  under history list.

Windows 10 19H1

Windows Defender Application Guard

The Windows Security has modified the name of Windows Security to Windows Defender Application Guard. This app now allows access to camera and microphone while browsing through this security app on Microsoft Edge.

Snip & Sketch

There are major changes in Snip & Sketch on Windows 10 v1903. It has now added a border to the  screenshot option and unique tool to take screenshot of Windows. They added new features so that you can copy your snip in clipboard.

There are other updates as well Snip & Sketch section which are as follow-

  1. Separate Button in the toolbar so that you can print directly using the app interface.
  2. If you have unsaved changes then close the window or open file which will ask confirmation to go ahead.
  3. File name now includes a timestamp.
  4. You can now save images as jpg and gif.

Sticky Notes

With the latest Update you can see more changes in writing Sticky Notes like Dark mode. You can see the available notes of different clouds using website.

Windows 10 Setup

The upcoming 10 May 2019 update will also enhance the set up design in addition to the color of Windows 10. When you run the ISO file, it shows light color instead of purple color.

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