How to Fix Netflix Error M7111-1331-5067 in Windows

Netflix is one of the premium OTT platforms where we can seamlessly watch thousands of movies and web series. One can access Netflix’s huge library from almost any device such as Android, iOS, or Windows 10. Recently, a few users reported receiving the M7111-1331-5067 bug accompanied by an error message –

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Netflix Error M7111-1331-5067

What causes this error M7111-1331-5067 in Netflix?

This error usually points towards a conflicting extension available on the browser thus restricting Netflix from functioning properly. To fix the M7111-1331-5067 bug, you must find and uninstall the problematic extension.

Additionally, this error could also appear if you are using some VPN Clients to watch TV series or Movies on Netflix. Disable all such clients from Windows and check if you can watch the videos over there seamlessly. 

Now that you know what may cause this error code, let’s learn ways to troubleshoot this error on Windows PC. 

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Fix: Netflix Error Code M7111-1331-5067 in Windows

To solve this error code from appearing on Netflix, you may try either of the following two workarounds –

1] Disable Chrome Extensions

The presence of conflicting Add-Ons in Google Chrome might prevent Netflix from loading normally and instead lead to some error codes. Follow the below instructions on how to disable chrome extensions and thus solve this M7111-1331-5067 error. 

  • Launch Google Chrome and copy/paste the below path into its address bar.


  • Press Enter to view all extensions installed on the Chrome browser. 
  • Turn off the toggle switches of all extensions here.

Disable extensions on Google Chrome

  • After you have disabled all extensions, restart Google Chrome. 
  • Open Chrome again and check if you can watch Netflix videos without getting into error code M7111-1331-5067.

If this error stands resolved, you may re-enable all the extensions one by one. Do check after enabling which extension, this error reoccurs. This way you will find the problematic extension. Once you know the faulty extension, uninstall the same. 

Note: In case you are encountering the same error code on Firefox, Edge, or other web browsers, disable the extensions installed on them. 

2] Disable using VPN Client

Not all VPN Clients are compatible with the Netflix website. As a result of this, you might be restricted from viewing movies or TV series on Netflix and receive some error codes as well. Disable the VPN Client, if you are using any, and check if the problem resolves this way. Here’s how to disable using a VPN connection –

  • Press Windows + I to launch Settings.
  • Go to Network & Internet and select the VPN from the right pane. 

Proxy and VPN on Windows 11-10

  • Turn off both the toggle switches under Advanced settings for all VPN connections. This includes disabling VPN over metered networks as well as while roaming. 
  • Restart Windows and play videos via Netflix again. 

Hopefully, the error code must have been resolved by now and you are watching the Netflix series without any issues. 

That’s it, I hope this guide helps to solve the Netflix Error M7111-1331-5067 on Windows 10. If you know of any other solution that might solve this issue, share it with us in the comment section.

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