How to Fix Netflix Error M7111-1331-5067 in Windows 10

Netflix is one of the premium OTT platforms where we can seamlessly watch thousands of movies and web-series. One can access Netflix’s huge library from almost any device such as Android, iOS, or Windows 10. Recently, a few users reported about receiving the M7111-1331-5067 bug accompanied by an error message –

This title is not available in your current region. Please select a different title

This error usually points towards a conflicting extension available on the browser thus restricting Netflix from functioning properly. To fix the M7111-1331-5067 bug, you must find and uninstall the problematic extension. Let’s learn ways to troubleshoot this error on Windows 10. 

Netflix Error M7111-1331-5067

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Fix: Netflix Error Code M7111-1331-5067 in Windows 10

1] Disable Chrome Extensions

If you use Google Chrome to browse online, you must disable the conflicting Add-Ons. To fix the M7111-1331-5067 error while playing Netflix web-series or movies, use these steps –

  • First of all, launch Google Chrome.
  • Copy/paste the below path in the address bar.


  • Turn off the toggle switches of all extensions here.
  • Close Chrome web-browser and Restart Windows.
  • From the next logon, starting Netflix should not get into M7111-1331-5067 trouble.
  • Now, enable the installed extensions on Chrome on by one. 
  • Do check Netflix for any error after turning On an extension.

This way you will find the problematic extension. Once you get the conflicting extension, uninstall the same. 

2] Disable using VPN Client

If you use a VPN client to watch Netflix web-series, we suggest disabling the same. Here’s how to disable using a VPN connection –

  • Navigate to the path – Settings (Win + I) > Network & Internet.
  • Select the VPN category on the left column.
  • Switch to the right side and remove all VPN connections listed there.
  • Reboot Windows to make the changes effective from the next logon.

That’s it, I hope this guide helps to solve the Netflix Error M7111-1331-5067 on Windows 10. If you know any other solution that might solve this issue, share it with us in the comment section.

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