20 Must-Have Windows Software on Any New Computer in 2023

Are you getting a new computer? It can be an exhilarating experience that encourages improved productivity and creativity. However, how do you choose what software to download and install? To help make your selection easier, here’s a comprehensive list of essential Windows 10 and 11 programs for any new PC. These tools will get you going in no time!

From word processing software to image editors, these applications are sure to come in handy when tackling everyday tasks or larger projects. Read on to see what should be first on your download list!

Windows Software on Any New Computer in 2023

The Best Windows Software for Any New Computer

These are some of the must-have Windows software programs you should have if you own a new computer in 2023

1] Microsoft Office 365 – the standard for productivity software

Need an office suite that has exceptional features and is versatile too? Microsoft Office 365 delivers. Word, Excel, PowerPoint—you name it! It’s all there for you to generate documents, analyze data and create presentations with ease.

2] Adobe Creative Cloud – for editing photos and graphics

Are you an expert photographer or a novice just beginning to explore the realm of image manipulation? Adobe Creative Cloud can provide you with all the resources required for your creative vision to manifest. Photoshop and Lightroom are only two potent apps from their toolbox that will make putting your ideas into motion incredibly simple.

3] Google Chrome – the most popular web browser in the world

If speed is what you crave then look no further than Google Chrome. This web browser comes equipped with lightning-fast loading times and features like Incognito Mode for private browsing sessions. Plus, there’s no shortage of extensions available for added functionality.

4] VLC Media Player – a great video player with a wide range of playback features

Make VLC your go-to media player and never miss out on the entertainment. This free, open-source app supports most codecs and file formats so you can watch all of your favorite movies and TV shows in any format! With VLC as your reliable companion, no matter what content is stored away – it will always be one click away from playing.

5] Malwarebytes – for protecting your computer from malicious software

Keep your computer safe from viruses and other malicious software with this powerful security tool. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware can quickly scan for threats and remove any that it finds, keeping your data secure and giving you peace of mind.

6] Dropbox – an invaluable tool for storing and sharing files

Need a convenient way to store and share files? Look no further than Dropbox, the popular cloud storage service. With an easy-to-use interface and support for multiple platforms, Dropbox is an invaluable tool for any user.

7] Steam – for downloading and playing games

If you’re an avid PC gamer, Steam should absolutely be your go-to destination. With thousands of titles available and regular updates to keep your library up-to-date, it’s no surprise why this is one of the most popular gaming platforms around!

8] Slack – for communication between team members

Communication is key when working in teams, and that’s where Slack comes in handy. This powerful messaging app can help streamline conversations between team members and make it easier to stay organized no matter how large or small your group is.

9] Evernote – for taking notes and staying organized

Keep all of your ideas and notes organized with Evernote. This note-taking app offers support for multiple platforms and allows you to sync your notes across devices, so you’ll never be without the information you need.

10] LibreOffice – an open-source alternative to Microsoft Office

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Microsoft Office then consider giving LibreOffice a try. This open-source office suite comes packed with features and is fully compatible with the popular Microsoft formats.

11] Adobe Acrobat Reader – for viewing PDF documents

Need a way to view PDF documents? Look no further than Adobe Acrobat Reader, the industry standard PDF viewer from Adobe. With this program, you’ll be able to access any document quickly and easily without having to worry about compatibility issues.

12] 7-Zip – for compressing large files and folders

Compress large files and folders with ease using 7-Zip. This handy compression tool supports a variety of formats and offers strong encryption, so you can protect your sensitive data without sacrificing speed.

13] Spotify – a music streaming service with a huge library of songs

Get lost in the vast expanse of your favorite music and podcasts with Spotify. With millions of songs and audio clips, you’ll always be able to uncover something new to vibe or immerse yourself in. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s totally free!

14] Zoom – for video conferencing and virtual meetings

Keep in touch with family, friends, or colleagues around the world with Zoom. This conferencing app can help you host virtual meetings and video calls with ease, making it easier than ever for people to stay connected even when they’re far apart.

15] Telegram – for secure messaging

Ensure that your conversations remain confidential with Telegram, an encrypted messaging service! With its secure infrastructure, you can safely send texts, photos, videos, audio messages, and more without worrying about them being intercepted or listened in on. Get the trusted protection of Telegram today!

16. CCleaner – a tool to help speed up your computer and protect your privacy

Speed up your computer and protect your privacy with CCleaner. This powerful tool can help you clean out unnecessary files, delete cookies and browsing history, and free up disk space, so your computer can run faster and more efficiently.

17. Mozilla Firefox – an alternative to Chrome with different features

Browse the web safely with Mozilla Firefox, one of the most popular web browsers out there. With support for extensions, built-in privacy settings, and a range of security features, Firefox is an essential choice for anyone looking to stay secure online.

18. Paint.NET – for editing photos and graphics

Edit photos quickly and easily with Paint.NET, a powerful image-editing program. With support for layers, effects, and other features, Paint.NET is a great choice for anyone looking to make professional-looking images without breaking the bank.

19. LastPass – for managing passwords in a secure, encrypted manner

No more stressing about all your passwords! LastPass offers a secure password manager that generates unique, strong passwords for each of your accounts and stores them safely in one spot. Now you can avoid the hassle of memorizing every single password or writing it down on paper. Keep your information tucked away where no one but you can access it with LastPass!

20. Backblaze – for automated cloud backup

Secure your data with Backblaze, an automated cloud backup service. With Backblaze, you can easily store and protect up to 10TB of data, ensuring that your most important files are safe from accidental deletion or hardware failure.

With these essential Windows software packages installed on your new PC, you’ll be ready to tackle any project that comes your way. Whether it’s writing essays or editing photos, these tools will help make sure you get the job done right!

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