Microsoft started working on Windows 10 19H2

As the release date of Spring Update i.e. 19H1 is finally near, Microsoft started working on the Windows 10 19H2 – the October 2019 Update. As per the latest insider information, the final stages of development are already over for Windows 10 April 1903 update. There will be a Bug Bash event to pinpoint issues and faults scheduled to happen in Jan’2019 end.

The internal testing or the development of Windows 10 19H2 has already begun. There are many interesting pieces and bits spotted online. The first build Windows 10 1909 is nearly over and may be released soon. A tweet by Wzor replicates the same.

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Windows 10 19H2

Microsoft started working on Windows 10 19H2

It is presumably said that the first update of 19H2 will be offered to Windows Insider Program Members only.  To get the first build, they should choose the content type “Skip Ahead” on their System. Members who have already activated this feature can go to the next versions before those who haven’t.

As the official release of Windows 10 19H2 is not yet confirmed, we won’t be able to premature talk about the improvements or features of this build. Be with us and we will bring detailed information in the coming weeks. For now, you can see our Speculation below (based on some experts’ view) on different websites.

Certain Speculation

Microsoft won’t officially introduce Windows 10 19H2 before the planned release of Spring Windows Update i.e. 1903. However, the chances of the opposite are very high.

With the onset of April 2019 update, Windows 10 Home users are likely to get an advantage as the pause updates option will be enabled in this. There are so many refinements and features that are going to increase the overall efficiency of the system.

Again, there are major changes promised to bring on Windows 10 October Update 1909. The feature of Sets tabs might be seen in this release. Note that this is one of the long-awaited attributes.

The interface of Sets will replace the common one window application on Windows 10. This would then resemble the tabbed browser as we observe on the Android. Once this feature surfaced Windows 10, users can use several applications like Edge, calendar, and Mail on a single window. The tabs feature commonly seen on Android could also be noticed in Windows explorer along with some system applications.

Microsoft has scheduled April 2019 for the release of Windows 10 19H1 and October 2019 for Windows 10 v 1909.