Microsoft rolls Windows Terminal – A New Command-Line App

Microsoft releases a new Windows command-line project dubbed as “Windows Terminal”. After installing this app, it works as a centralized location to access several terminal environments like CMD, WSL, or PowerShell. Developers may compile and run this app on their PC using the code released by GitHub earlier this year. 

The Windows Terminal is an open-source application and features the infrastructure for command-line on Windows 10 OS. Furthermore, the company has officially released an installer that makes the process of installing any software a much easier task. If you do like to get your hands on this installer, visit Microsoft Store to download the same. 

Get Windows Terminal for Windows 10 PC

What’s new in Windows Terminal

As per Kayla Cinnamon, program manager of this project, the installer will receive several preview build releases in regularly scheduled intervals. Users may incorporate new attributes to improve the features and functionalities that already exist within the application.

Frequent build releases and periodic updates for the application might also help in removing issues such as the irql_not_less_or_equal windows 10 error. Following the preview build releases of the Windows Terminal application, Microsoft aims to release v1.0 by 2019 end. 

Windows Terminal

General Fixes and Features

Apart from bug fixes, here are some of the feature additions that are coming in the future preview build releases of the Windows Terminal –

  • Ability to define the title tab of each individual Terminal profile within the Settings menu.
  • More options to configure the background image.
  • Ability to gain command-line access to Azure Cloud Shell.
  • Stylus support within the Terminal.

And more.

The Windows Terminal will be quite different when compared with other command-line apps within the operating system. For instance, the app will have support for themes and customization options. Developers can tweak the app interface and look depending on their likes and preferences. Also, there is support for multiple tabs, which is very essential for developers to work on several tasks simultaneously. You can also create separate profiles so that multiple developers can use the same system yet have their own preferences, settings, and customization in place.

Another key feature that Windows Terminal includes is a text rendering engine (GPU accelerated) based on DirectWrite/DirectX. Apart from texts, symbols within your PC fonts, and glyphs, this engine is also capable of rendering emoji and icons. This can do the rendering faster as compared to the older GDI engine.

Microsoft has officially stated that one can use Windows Terminal along with Windows Console on any PC. The company chose to release a brand new command-line app instead of including the new features on existing Windows Console for a reason. Doing so, they preserve the backward compatibility with the command-line scripts, tools, etc. that already exist.

The experts will continue to update the Windows Console app so as to include newer and modern features.