Microsoft rolls Windows 10 20H1 Build 18895 in the Fast Ring

20H1 Build 18895 is out and with it brings dozens general improvements and fixes for PC. Windows Insiders can avail this 18895 build in the Fast Ring, however, there is a huge setback. The trouble is that certain Windows 10 users won’t get this build for following editors such as-

  1. Windows 10 Home x64 in CS-CZ, ES-ES, and KO-KR
  2. Windows 10 Home N x64 in HU-HU and PT-PT
  3. Windows 10 Professional x64 in LV-LV and ES-MX

Here, in this guide, we discuss some key changes, known issues, and known issues for developers. Let’s have a look at them one by one-

20H1 Build 18895

Key changes, features & improvements on Build 18895

  1. 20H1 Build 18895 fixes some internal bugs of Build 18894. Your Phone app should work effectively now.

20H1 Build 18895- Known Issues

Here, we discourse the underlying issues on the 18895 builds. They are as follow-

  1. If you use anti-cheat programs while playing games on your System, your PC might crashes in-between. To overcome this bug, Microsoft has already partnered with game developers to release necessary patch-ups. You should visit your game’s official website and download the latest update as this might solve what you are looking for.
  2. There are some pending bugs in some Realtek SD card readers as well. This is because they are not functioning properly. Microsoft experts are currently working on a resolution for this.
  3. You have to restart searchui.exe beforehand going to use Remote desktop in order to connect to an enhanced VM session. If you fail to do so, Taskbar search results may not be visible.
  4. On some devices, you may require to turn on Night light functionality after rebooting your PC. This is a necessary condition for only those who have enabled fast-startup on their PC. As a workaround, navigate to the path Start > Power > Restart and activate Night light.
  5. You may notice a minor lag while dragging emojis or dictation panels.
  6. After installing this release, Tamper protection setting might be Off in Windows Security. You have to re-enable this setting.
  7. Certain attributes may not appear in local languages on either Start Menu or in All apps. For example- RU-RU, ZH-CN, and FR-FR, etc.
  8. In case you want to select a different color filter in the ease of Access Setting, it may not occur as supposed to. This is because color filter options are Off here and you should turn it back ON.
  9. Microsoft team is well-aware of the Bopomofo IME bug and is currently investigating this issue. In such scenarios, character width changes automatically from Half to Full width.
  10. A few IMEs especially East Asian like- Traditional or Simplified Chinese, Japanese Era might not start immediately. As a temporary solution, users should end the following task under Details Tab on Taskbar.

Known issues for Developers

  1. After installing this build on your System, there is no switching back to either Slow or Release Preview Ring. Even if you do, optional contents like- turning developing mode On will simply fail. This is because you can install such contents only on specific rings that have permission. Hence, you need to remain on the current ring to add, install and enable optional content.