Microsoft rolls Collections attribute for Chromium Edge Canary

Microsoft unveils the next version i.e. of the Chromium Edge Canary web-browser for its users. They keep on bringing new updates on a daily basis. The Collections is one such feature on Chromium Edge that the team introduces recently. Windows 10 users may now collect text, videos, images, and any other settings simply by visiting the note page. 

There are several functionalities and usage of having Collections on the Chromium Edge Canary. This lets you compare different products while shopping online. If you are planning a trip, you may group down different ideas to make the event memorable. Canary browser is still under the development project and so does its Collections feature. You may give this a try manually as well. 

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How to enable Collections on Chromium Edge

If you are new to the Collections, let me discuss this in somewhat more detail. As soon as you press the Collections, a flyout pops up on the right side. This is the area where you can drag or drop any content that appears on the web. In general, this formats the content correctly. Further, it will introduce a footnet that is bound to the link references of the sources that you have recently used.

Here, we depict the steps that help you to turn on the Collections feature in Chromium Edge Canary.

  • At first, tap on the Edge Canary icon to open this web-browser.
  • Go to the address bar and copy/paste the following path-
  • Next, select the Enabled option under the drop-down menu on the right pane. See Snapshot below-

Collections feature on Chromium Edge

  • Afterward, tap the Relaunch button to restart Chromium Edge.

That’s it, you can now locate the Collections next to the address bar. You may now start collecting images, links, and other data.

Here’s how to use Collections in Chromium Edge Canary

If you want to start collecting the data that you often visit this web-browser, follow these simple steps-

  • Launch Edge Canary by taping on its icon.
  • As mentioned above, find and hit the Collections button near the address bar.

Start a new collection

  • Henceforth, click the Start new collection button. You may need to put a name for future reference then press the Enter key.
  • You are now able to collect any link, image, etc. using the Add current page button on a particular webpage.

Make your current page as new collection

  • There appears a Note button as well whenever you visit a website. This is to add notes if you find anything interesting there.
  • In case, you like any image or want to save the entire link, just drag and drop to add the same to your list. 
  • Once you finish the above steps, press the Share button so as to export each and everything to the Excel spreadsheet.

Note: This even allows you to re-arrange the items already there with the help of a mouse. In addition to the export feature, you may also copy information to the clipboard or simply delete them.

There is an easy approach to start saving the collections. All you require is to do the right click on any item and select “Add to Collections” from the context menu.

Collections feature on Chromium Edge

You can choose an existing collection to add to or start a new one. Users may even choose a prior collection to perform these activities.

You can use this link to download the latest Edge Canary version.