Microsoft to launch Dark Command Console on Windows 10

Microsoft is soon going to launch Dark Command Console on Windows 10 and Linux with embedded WSL. They are in the continual effort to add new services and features on Windows 10 19H1. Earlier, there was one important thing which was not looked upon and that is none other than Command Prompt. Developers have neglected this app for a long time. However, it seems, they are now going to make a change to its black and boring Screen.

Windows 10 1809 update surfaced in the month of October 2018, and its time for a new release i.e. Windows 10 1903 in the upcoming month of April 2019. There are pretty chances that users will get Dark Command Console on their system when they upgrade to Windows 10 19H1. Here, in this article, we will talk about what’s new in command prompt and tweets of excited users. Let’s explore the new dark console in more detail-

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What’s new in Command Prompt?

Its high time that they will make some improvements to the Command Prompt to create Dark Command Console. Jen Gentleman has already posted a pre updated Windows 10 version to confirm the speculation of the Dark Command Console.

The dark mode will modify itself as per your theme selection under Personalization settings. Again, users will also be able to turn on colored title bars with a matching outside border. There is an additional feature of Scrolling down and Title bar with this new dark theme of Console.

Microsoft has also provided a sneak peek of Windows 10 Command console in its latest 19H1 Insider Build. There may be slight improvements in Command Prompt and Windows SubSystem on Linux consoles as well. Anyways, this is much required as it might be the first step towards Command Prompt customization. The new prompt looks darker than before along with Chrome.


While the changes are still going on, several users have asked for a few additional features. Some of their requests are as follow-

  1. One day we’re getting back to black and white screens 🙂
  2. Woo! This will work with Powershell too I’m assuming?
  3. Maybe now the Windows Copy/Move Dialog Box can be dark…
  4. I love this. now all we need is fluent titlebars everywhere.

What do you think about the Dark Mode of Command Prompt? If you have any queries related to this article, ask us in the comment section below.