Microsoft Calculator App now becomes an open source on GitHub

Microsoft Calculator app has now become an open-source project on GitHub. The Company has allowed such a community to bring newer products on its platform in the past as well. As a result, there is numerous software that we use are open-source programs. A few of them are PowerShell, File Manager, .NET framework, MS-DOS, etc.

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Microsoft has recently shielded its Linux community from lawsuits by opening more than 60,000 patents. As they have already open-source their Calculator app, anyone can now change its source code thus imparting a smooth user experience.

Microsoft Calculator App

If you do have any interest, then try it on GitHub. Here, you can find the source code, unit tests, build system, etc. The Company has even shared the product roadmap. Developers can now use this roadmap to increase the overall efficiency of the Calculator app by changing its logic or improving the interface elements.

When the changes are made to this core product, they will push this directly for usage to Windows users. However, they won’t stop here rather they will continue its usual testing security features, compliance, and quality processes until the final product is ready.

This is indeed a great leap for Windows developers to contribute their expertise in building a nice Microsoft Calculator app. They can either participate in open discussions or improve their source code to fix underlying bugs.