Microsoft brings Windows 10 20H1 Build 18950 for Insiders

Microsoft unveils Windows 10 20H1 Build 18950 for Insiders in the Fast ring. The Company has introduced new references on Snip & Sketch app. You can try them out and pour in your suggestions at feedback. They bring some new advancements for the Japanese IME like key customization, prediction candidate window key navigation, etc. 

Apart from the new entrances, they address ctfmon.exe crashes issue, Cloud Download, Win+V on Bopomofo IME and others. Some earlier bugs continue to exist on this Build 18950 as well like- Realtek SD card reader, Anti-cheat software on High-end games and Tamper Protection under Windows Security.

20H1 Build 18950

What’s new in 20H1 Build 18950

Japanese IME Improvements

There have been tonnes of improvements in Japanese IME and the company continues to include more. Here, are some of the new features that you can try out on 20H1 Build 18950.

  • Prediction Candidate window key navigationWith this Build onward, the focus inside the prediction candidate window can move easily using the Up Arrow Key.
  • Key customizationThe team has re-assigned the discoverability of key assignment settings. They have also updated the core values of Ctrl + Space to be “None”. However, you can still use the same key combinations to toggle IME on or off. All you require is to change the value under settings.

20H1 Build 18950

Improved Snip & Sketch 

Microsoft introduced some new aspects for the Snip & Sketch section. Here is the complete list-

  • Single window mode: They have upgraded the New button so as to allow new snips to appear on the current window. Windows 10 users tend to retake snips multiple times in order to catch that one perfect Snapshot. This is why the team altered its settings. However, if you want to compare between screenshots, you can modify the settings of a toggle switch.
  • Zoom: Users can now zoom any screenshots to a larger extent if they are a bit too small. Microsoft continues to support the annotation using combinations like CTRL+PLUS, CTRL+MINUS or Ctrl+Mouse Wheel, etc. In case, you want to revert back to its original size, just tap the Zoom button followed by “Actual Size” option. 
  • Improved WIN+Shift+S discoverability: There is no need to open the Snip & Sketch app then start taking screenshots. You can use the Win+Shift+S key combinations as well and begin taking snips. 

The above changes are included only for selected Insiders in the Fast ring, hence there is a probability that you don’t receive such functions. The experts want to first evaluate its quality then only bring these changes on next rollout. 

Note: In case, any of the features backfires, they will simply put an end to these improvements for a short period of time.

Fixes and Enhancements for 20H1 PCs

Here, are the key features that appear on this build 18950-

  • Insiders may notice some new attributes like resetting this PC using Cloud Download. Though Microsoft has introduced this feature, yet this is now functioning properly.
  • The Company addresses an anomaly where ctfmon.exe crashes immediately after you hit the input mode indicator on Taskbar. This occurs when you try to switch in between modes on the Japanese IME. 
  • Microsoft improves the working functionality of clipboard history and the pasting issue as well. Earlier, using Win+V simply failed while using Bopomofo IME.
  • They also work upon the OneNote app popping in between issue. This bug arises as if some keys have been pressed while in reality, that’s not the case.
  • Hanja conversion may also function effectively in the Korean IME after updating to the Build 18950.

20H1 Build 18950 Known Issues

Here, are the known issues that appear along with major fixes and enhancements-

  • Some Realtek SD card readers are still not working, the company is currently working upon this bug.
  • After installing Build 18950, you may notice Tamper Protection under Windows Security is turned off. You can always enable the same once the updating process completes. Microsoft may fix this anomaly by the end of this month i.e. August.
  • There may appear some contradiction between the candidate selection and composition string on Japanese IME. The experts are investigating this issue and may bring a solution to this soon.
  • There have been instances where using Anti-cheat software on high-end games results in GSOD or sometimes even OS crashes. As a resolution, you may visit the Game’s official websites and download the recent patches. Microsoft team is co-working with its partners to prevent PCs from experiencing such anomalies.