Microsoft announces Windows 10 20H1 Build 18894 in the Fast Ring

Microsoft unpacks Windows 10 20H1 Build 18894 for insiders in the fast ring. They have improved the interface of File Explorer along with its search bar. The Company has also modified the Narrator accessibility with a few minor changes and fixes for PC.

They bring a good number of fixes on this release such as- mouse wheel scrolling issue, IMEs improvements, some key combinations bug etc. Here, in this guide, we explain the key changes and attributes of Build 18894 as well as the known issues. Let’s explore them in detail-

20H1 Build 18894

What’s new in 18894

File Explorer improvements

Microsoft experts have improved the native File Explorer on Windows 10. This is now easy to find any files or folders on your System with superb consistency. They have empowered search function on File Explorer with Windows search. This helps users to search anything easily on their PC along with OneDrive contents online. The company soon launches this functionality on its upcoming flights.

With enhanced Search function on File explorer, users receive a drop down menu whenever they type anything in the search field. You can either tap or make a right click and navigate to its file location using context menu.

They have updated the overall interface of File explorer and its well-functioning. Still, if you have any issue or feedback, reach out to Microsoft using “Files, Folders and Online Storage” > “File Explorer” in the Feedback Hub.

Note: If you want to enlarge the search box, just move to one of its sides and adjust its size as per your convenience.

Accessibility improvements

  1. Narrator table reading improvements- Narrator has now become more effective to understand and read tables. This can read only the deltas while navigating. Enter into as well as Come out of the Table has become less verbose.
  2. Narrator web page summary- Narrator can now provide a full webpage summary using a new command which is Narrator+S. Using this command, one can access information on landmarks, headings or hyperlinks.
  3. Magnifier text cursor setting- Windows Magnifier can now control the text cursor. This can now adjust the text cursor at the center on the Screen so that typing experience is smooth and easy.

Key changes and improvements on 18894 Build

Here, we discuss the key improvements, changes and fixes for PC that came along with this build-

  1. The Company fixes the mouse wheel scrolling issue along with touch pad not functioning properly.
  2. Build 18894 fixes Memory Integrity page opening bug. Earlier, this leads to crash of Windows Security app.
  3. They resolve the low optimized Windows Update icon issue in System tray on Taskbar.
  4. They rectify a typo in the WIN+(period) kaomoji section category names.
  5. Earlier users (having access to MSA) couldn’t add a local user to their PC using “Add someone else to this PC” utility. They fixed this issue on 20H1 Build 18894.
  6. You can now increase Narrator volume to maximum. Again, Narrator would not read “null” after each command listed in the Narrator + F2 list.
  7. The team fixed a anomaly in which browsing using hotkey Narrator + R command gets stuck in PowerPoint Edit View.
  8. Users can now launch Start Menu even if the “continue experiences on this device” policy is disabled on GPE.
  9. They improves the search relevancy logic so that even if you type several keywords, it doesn’t crash.

20H1 Insider 18894 known issues

There are a huge number of known bugs in this build. They are as follow-

  1. Build 18894 doesn’t work effectively on Windows Phone app due to an underlying issue. Still, this bug doesn’t create any nuisance while remaining on Release preview or Slow rings. They will bring a solution to this by next flight, so have patience till then.
  2. Earlier when users try to use Anti-cheat programs while playing any games, it simply crashes PCs. Microsoft have partnered with game developers to resolution to this. Though, several game owners uploaded a patch to this on their official website, there are few who are currently working on this issue. To mitigate any impact on your PC, just download the latest version of games that your are playing on your System.
  3. Some Realtek SD card readers are still not working effectively. They are working on a resolution to this as well.
  4. In certain scenarios where you use Remote desktop to connect to a VM session, taskbar search results may appear blur. You can fix this bug by restarting searchui.exe application.
  5. Night light functionality turns on only after a restart on some devices. This occurs only when you have enabled fast start-up on your device.
  6. Users find a perceptible lag while dragging an Emoji or dictation panels.
  7. You may not find a few features either on Start Menu or in All apps in local languages such as- RU-RU, ZH-CN and FR-FR etc.
  8. Once you install Build 18894 on your System, open Windows Security and disable Tamper protection. After sometimes, you can re-enable this.
  9. Microsoft Team acknowledges the Bopomofo IME where width of a character changes to Full width from an initial half width. They are investigating this bug.
  10. There is some trouble in color filter as well after installing this release. Users have to disable color filter options then turn it back on to choose a specific color on Ease of access settings.
  11. Input method editor doesn’t function properly on East Asian IMEs such as- Japanese, Traditional or Simplified Chinese Calendar. Open Task Manager then tap Details tab. Here end the below task to get rid of this trouble.

Known issues for Developers

If you download and install 20H1 insider build 18894 on your System, there is no turning back to any other Ring. This is because, optional content like empowering developer mode will simply fail in case you switch back. This occurs as optional content is approved for specific rings only. Hence, you need to remain on current build to add, install or enable such contents.

Source- Windows Blog