Solution to known issues of Build 1809 after KB4490481 update

Hey fellas! Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the solution to known issues of Build 1809 after the KB4490481 update. You must be well aware that, this cumulative update gets released on the 2nd of April 2019. There were quality improvements in this patch-up update with some minor bugs.

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Here, we are going to talk about such two known issues of KB4490481 Build 1809 and their solutions. Let’s explore them in detail-

Build 1809 KB4490481

Solution- Known Issues of Build 1809 after KB4490481 update

Issue #1

When you install this patch-up on your System, certain applications protocol handler’s custom URI Schemes may not start the respective app for the local intranet. Safe and secured sites on Internet Explorer share the same fate.

Sol– If you do face such troubles on your PC, try following workarounds-

Fix 1: Make a right-click on the URL link then choose open in new window or tab option.

Fix 2: Try to enable protected mode on Internet Explorer for either trusted sites or a local intranet. Here is the procedure to follow-

  • At first, navigate to the following path.
Tools > Internet options > Security
  • Here, select local intranet option under Select a zone to view or change security settings.
  • Succeeding after, choose Enable protected mode option.

At last, hit OK and reboot your PC so that changes made so far come into effect. Doing this will most probably solve this bug. However, if not, wait for the next release as Microsoft is working on this issue and will bring a resolution for this soon.

Issue #2

Users face certain issues when they install this update release on their System. Some of these are PXE fails to start a device on the WDS server which is configured to use variable Windows Extension.

  • PXE- Preboot Execution Environment
  • WDS- Windows Development Services

This occurs as a connection to the WDS server terminate automatically, hence image download remains unsuccessful.

Note: This bug doesn’t affect clients or devices who are not using the Variable Windows Extension.

Sol– To resolve this bug, try any fix that is described below.

Fix 1: Run Command prompt using administrative privileges then copy & paste below code followed by the Enter key to let execute this code.

Wdsutil /Set-TransportServer /EnableTftpVariableWindowExtension:No

Fix 2: Here, in this fix, we will solve the issue using Windows Deployment Services UI. Here is the procedure-

  • At first, open Windows Deployment Services from Windows Administrative Tools.
  • Now expand Servers then make a right-click on the WDS server.
  • Again, open its properties henceforth clear the Enable Variable Window Extension box on the TFTP tab.

Fix 3: Here, we will try to fix this issue using registry tweaks.

  • At first, navigate to the following path-
  • Thereafter change the value of this particular entry to ‘0’.

At last, disable the Variable Windows Extension then reboot the WDSServer services.

The Company is working on a resolution to this and may provide the solution in its upcoming release.