KB5018427 updates Windows 11 22h2 to Build 22621.674

The first cumulative update of Windows 11 22h2 is now available for all users via Windows Update, Microsoft Update Catalog, and WSUS. This is basically a security update titled “KB5018427” and upgrades your existing OS Build to 22621.674. If you were previously encountering errors like 0x800f0922, we suggest trying this security update. 


Direct Download Links of KB5018427

Windows 11 users who would like to upgrade their systems to Build 22621.674 download KB5018427 from the below links. 

Windows 10 and later GDR-DU users may follow these links –

KB5018427 Changelog

This new update addresses the known security issues with Windows 11, version 2022. Moreover, this also includes the improvements that were previously a part of update KB5017389, which came on 30th Sept 2022. By the time of writing this article, we haven’t faced any issues installing this patch update. 

Moreover, Microsoft has also not documented any additional issues for this release. For those users who have already installed earlier updates, only the recent changes which are a part of this update will be downloaded and installed on their PCs. 

Other ways to get this update

If you don’t want to try the direct download links, you may navigate to Settings > Windows Update, and hit the Check for updates button. The system will connect to Microsoft servers online and download/install this patch update on your computer. After the installation completes, you will receive a prompt stating to restart your PC. Do as it says and your device gets upgraded to OS Build version 22621.674.

In case you didn’t receive this patch update via Windows Update, navigate to Microsoft Update Catalog, and manually download/install this KB5018427 update. To know more about manual installation, see this guide.

Are there any known issues with this update?

Though Microsoft has not documented any issue for this update, you may still face issues that were coming from the original release of Windows 11 2022. The known issues on this feature update were as follows –

  • If you are trying to upgrade to Windows 11, 2022 using the provisioning packages, this might not work as expected. Following this way, Windows might only be partially configured, and the Out Of Box Experience might not finish or might restart unexpectedly.
  • Copying a large amount of data might take longer than expected on Windows 11, version 22h2. This problem worsens when you are copying files from a network share via Server Message Block (SMB). Note that you will face this issue even while copying or moving files locally on your Windows 11 PC. 

What are Provisioning packages?

Provisioning packages are basically “.PPKG” files that one uses to configure new devices for use on business or school networks. If you have already installed Windows 11 using such packages, you may encounter issues during its initial setup. 

Tip: If you are facing update, activation, or driver issues on your Windows PC, try RESTORO PC Repair Tool. This software will scan your device for potential issues and resolve them automatically.

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