KB5007262 Fixes Printing and Several other Issues on Windows 11

Microsoft releases the second non-security update for Windows 11 via the cumulative update KB5007262. Installing this will upgrade your system to OS Build 22000.348 and brings several new changes and quality improvements to your PC. The prominent fixes on this patch are for Printers, Desktop/Start/Taskbar, File Explorer, Internet Explorer, Hyper-V, and Executable files. 

Windows 11 Cumulative updates

KB5007262 Windows 11 Build 22000.348 Changelog

With the Nov non-security update for Windows 11, Microsoft brings several bug fixes, new features, and improvements. Here’s a list of all such features and fixes –

  • Fixes Printer Error 0x000006e4, 0x0000007c, or 0x00000709: Several users may find this fix useful as they won’t have to struggle with any kinds of errors while printing documents. They may now connect their devices to a remote printer that is shared on a Windows print server.
  • Additionally, they also address an issue in which certain USB Print installers report that they can’t detect the attached printers on your device. 
  • Improves an issue that affects USB Print devices supporting Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) over USB. Earlier, this bug causes the USB Print devices from completing installation.
  • Works upon an issue that restricts devices having certain processors to stop responding when waking from hibernation.
  • Adds a feature to facilitate certain cross-browser data transfers.
  • Updates the phone number for Windows Activation for locales that have the wrong phone number.
  • Resolves the issue that causes a few users to see an unexpected “bad image” error message dialog at startup.
  • Adds support for the cancellation of daylight savings time for the Republic of Fiji for 2021.


Executable File Fixes

  • Resolves issue with Searchindexer.exe that causes it to stop responding during a dismount operation in the remote desktop environment.
  • No more problems while starting the SearchFilterHost.exe process.
  • Works upon the memory leak issue on ctfmon.exe that occurs when you switch between different edit clients.
  • Improves the audiodg.exe process so that the Windows audio system works as it is supposed to. 

Windows Security and other Antivirus Fixes

  • Works upon a known issue that certainly prevents apps like Kaspersky from starting even after you repair or update that particular app using the Microsoft Installer (MSI).
  • Windows Defender Application Control may now correctly compare two file version numbers.
  • Upgrades Microsoft Defender to include Endpoint’s ability. This will help users to identify and intercept ransomware and advanced attacks.

Desktop, Taskbar, and other System improvements

  • Improves the animation performance of icons on the taskbar.
  • Appx PowerShell now works alright while handling cmdlet functionalities on PowerShell 7.1 and later.
  • Resolves a touch keyboard deployment issue that affects WebView2 controls in Windows UI Library 3.0 (WinUI 3) applications.
  • As opposed to earlier hiding a certain number of unread notifications, you may now see all notifications appearing in the center of the circle in the notification area.
  • Installing a large number of applications or changing the default screen resolution affect the Start menu. A few users even complained of getting only the app’s name with their icons missing on the Start home screen. With this patch update, the developers tried to address this bug as well. 
  • No more flickering issues when you hover over icons on the taskbar. In case this problem re-occurs, you must be using a high contrast theme. So, change it and this bug resolves automatically. 
  • Earlier, when you close the keyboard while the Suggestion UI is expanded, this triggers an issue resulting in a blank space on the bottom of the Touch keyboard.
  • Works upon a reliability issue on the lock screen that affects the rendering of the network status text.
  • The keyboard focus rectangle now works completely fine and is quite visible even when you use Task View, Alt-Tab, or Snap Assist.

New feature – Emoji 13.1 

KB5007262 updates several aspects of Windows emoji. After upgrading to this non-security patch, you may notice the following changes – 

  • All the emojis from the Segoe UI Emoji font stands upgraded to the Fluent 2D emoji-style after installing this patch update.
  • Includes support for Emoji 13.1, which does the following –
    • Updates the emoji dictionary
    • Adds the ability to search for Emoji 13.1 in all supported languages
    • Updates the Emoji and more panel so you can enter emoji in your applications

Note: The company has also resolved an issue with Meiryo UI font and other vertical fonts, wherein it displays glyphs at the wrong angle. These fonts are used very frequently in Japan, China, or other countries in Asia.

  • Addresses an issue that incorrectly renders some variable fonts.

Hyper-V Fixes

  • They work upon an issue that causes the system to stop working after you enable Hyper-V.
  • Fixes a bug inside the Hyper-V virtual machine bus (VMBus) that results in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) VM occasionally timing out when attaching disks.
  • Resolves an issue that affects the System Memory Management Unit’s (SMMU) fault handling after hibernation.

Internet Explorer Fixes

  • KB5007262 fixes an issue that occurs when a dialog opens within Internet Explorer.
  • Resolves an anomaly affecting Internet Explorer COM automation scenarios. 
  • Using IME to copy/paste text on Internet Explorer simply crashed it or the browser stops working. They resolved this problem as well. 

Other Fixes and improvements

  • Earlier, users find the Windows Update History page displaying a summary count of zero (0) updates per category when they visit the updates section under Settings. The company has resolved this issue with this cumulative update. 
  • Works upon an audio distortion issue that affects Xbox One and Xbox Series Audio peripherals. This problem occurred only when you use them with spatial audio.
  • No more COM initialization issue in wslapi.dll that prevents the calling process from happening. 
  • Works upon an issue that causes “get-winevent” to fail, and the error is an InvalidOperationException.
  • Addresses an issue that causes certain apps to stop responding to input. This issue occurs on devices that have a touchpad.
  • Works upon an issue that might cause a stop error in “volmgr.sys“, when you delete a volume.
  • Starting Microsoft-edge links earlier improperly redirects users to OS functionality. They resolve this issue as well.
  • Rectifies an issue that causes the edit button and the battery icon in Quick Settings to intermittently disappear.

Though we have tried including all the latest changes and fixes, you may read the Release Note to get a better idea of new improvements.

Known Issues on the KB5007262 update

Till the writing of this post, we have not faced any major issues with this patch update.

How to get this update

As usual, you will receive an auto prompt suggesting to upgrade to the OS Build 22000.348. If you had set your PC as metered connection, you may manually search for this update and install it on your computer. There are two ways of doing so and they are as follows –

Note: This patch requires Servicing Stack update 22000.345 pre-installed and running on your computer. 

  • Windows Update: Go to Settings > Windows update, and click Check for updates. The system will auto-search for available patches online and download/install them on your device.
  • Update Catalog: In this manual method, you need to first download the standalone package matching your system architecture. You may find the KB5007262 non-security update by visiting Microsoft Update Catalog. The downloaded file will be in the “.msu” file format and it requires a double-tap to begin the installation. 

Here’s the Release Note in case you need to view the remaining fixes or features. 

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