KB5005033 Security Update for Windows 10 21H1, 20H2, and 2004

Microsoft released KB5005033, a new cumulative update on Tuesday Patch Day that brings quality improvements and fixes to devices running Windows 10 21H1, 20H2, and 2004. This update is rolled out as a security update increases the build number for respective Windows 10 version 21H1, 20H2, and 2004 to 19041.1165, 19042.1165, and 19043.1165 respectively. The new policy changes the default privilege requirements for installing drivers when Point and Print are used.

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For those who do not receive the updates in time, you can manually download and install the updates using Microsoft Update Catalog or Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

Patch Tuesday - August 2021 Security Updates

KB5005033 Cumulative Update Changelog

Here are the key changes that you will notice after installing “KB5005033” on your PC –

Security Update for Windows 10 Version 21H1 and 20H2

This security release comes with a quality update, and the key changes include:

  • The update includes all the improvements from Windows 10 version 2004.
  • For this release, no new issues were found.

Security Update for Windows 10 Version 2004

The following quality improvements have been included in this security update:

  • Point and Print now require a different set of privileges when installing drivers. And you will need administrative privileges to install drivers after installing this update.

You will only receive and install the new fixes included in this update if you have installed prior updates.

Known Issues on KB5005033

Based on the information, we currently have the following issues –

1. Symptom

There is a possibility that you will not get the appropriate Furigana characters when entering Kanji characters in an app that allows the input of Furigana characters using Microsoft Japanese Input Method Editor (IME). Manually enter the Furigana characters.


Microsoft is working on a resolution and they will fix it in the upcoming release.

2. Symptom

Microsoft Edge Legacy might be removed by this update, but not automatically replaced by the new Microsoft Edge on devices with Windows installations created from custom offline media or custom ISO images. You can only experience this issue if you slipstream this update into a custom offline media or ISO image.


Slipstream SSU into the custom offline media or ISO image before slippingstreaming the security update. Extract the SSU using the following steps:

  1. Extract the cab from the MSU
  2. From the previously extracted cab, extract the SSU.
  3. After that, you’ll have the SSU cab.

3. Symptom

There are some devices that are unable to install new updates after installing the June 21, 2021 (KB5003690) update. For example, July 6, 2021 (KB5004945) and later updates. It comes with an error message, “PSFX_E_MATCHING_BINARY_MISSING”.


Microsoft is working on a resolution and they will fix it in the upcoming release.

4. Symptom

If you install this update, the API OpenEncryptedFileRaw(A/W) for the Elastic File System (EFS) won’t work when you back up to.


Since the issue was addressed in CVE-2021-36942, this behavior is expected.

How to get KB5005033 update

You will need to install the special standalone on August 10, 2021, SSU (KB5005260), if you do not have the May 11, 2021 update (KB5003173).

1] Through Windows Update

Use the following steps to download the KB5005033 security update –

  • Open the Settings app using Win+I keys.
  • Select Update & Security > Windows Update.
  • Now move to the right and click Check for Updates.
  • It starts the download then installs the update automatically. Once it downloads, restart your computer to complete the installation

2] Update Catalog

If the automatic search doesn’t receive any pending update, you can download the security patch manually through the Microsoft Update Catalog. Here’s how to do this –

  • Open Microsoft Update catalog page.
  • Enter KB5005033 in the text field and hit Enter to open the available updates list.
  • After choosing your system architecture (x64, x86, ARM64), click on the Download button.
  • Click the top link on the download screen. KB5005033 starts downloading immediately afterward. 
  • Upon completion of the download, right-click on the “.MSU” file and select Install.

KB5005033 Security Update for Windows 10 21H1, 20H2, and 2004

3] Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

These are the configuration to get the update with WSUS –

  • Product: Windows 10, version 1903 and later
  • Classification: Security Updates

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