KB4601383 Updates Windows 10 1809 to Build 17763.1790

Microsoft has released a new cumulative update KB4601383 that brings quality improvements and fixes for devices running Windows 10 1809. This non-security patch increases the OS Build to 17763.1790. It is an optional update, carries a long list of fixes and changes that addresses some quality improvements.

In this post, we have explained all the changes along with ways to download and install the update to your device. You can see the complete list of the latest cumulative updates if you are on some other version of Windows 10.

KB4601383 Updates Windows 10 1809 to Build 17763.1790

KB4601383 Windows 10 1809 Changelog

Here are the key changes on this non-security update for Windows 10 1809 users –

  • The company has solved a problem with a memory leak in Internet Explorer 11. This issue used to occur when users use the Chinese language pack.
  • In Windows Internet, Microsoft has turned off tokens by default.
  • Microsoft has fixed the problem that shows a User Account Control (UAC) dialog box unexpectedly. It occurs when users turn on speech recognition.
  • Another problem has been fixed that is related to COM+ callout policies. Because of this problem, a deadlock in certain applications.
  • Works upon a problem that renders fonts inaccurately.
  • Fixed a problem with the SetWindowRgn API.
  • The input of strings into the Input Method Editor will not be blocked anymore.
  • With this update, the company has removed the history of earlier used pictures from a user account profile.
  • Works on a problem that shows the wrong language. It happens when users sign in to a console after changing the system locale.
  • Now the host process of Windows Remote Management (WinRM) will not stop working.
  • Fixed the problem in the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service. It caused a heap leak each time security settings applied to WMI namespace permissions.
  • The Developer team improved startup times for applications that have roaming settings when User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) is turned on.
  • Addresses an issue that hinders the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) from starting. As a result, TPM-based scenarios do not work.
  • The cumulative update KB4601383 works on an issue with unsigned program files that will not run. It used to occur when Microsoft Defender Application Control is in Audit Mode but will allow unsigned images to run.
  • Fixed the problem with the Key Distribution Center (KDC) code. It shows the error “STATUS_INVALID_DOMAIN_STATE”.
  • Worked on a problem in which a principal in a trusted MIT realm fails to get a Kerberos service ticket from Active Directory domain controllers.
  • Microsoft team enhanced data loss prevention and insider risk management solution functionalities in Microsoft 365 endpoints.
  • Windows 10 maker fixed an issue with the x86 version of Microsoft Excel 365 Version 2011.
  • The company has worked on a problem that shows an error while trying to open an untrusted webpage using Microsoft Edge or open an untrusted Microsoft Office document.
  • This update solved an issue that stops wevtutil from parsing an XML file.
  • The update solves an issue that fails to report an error when the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) causes invalid keys of 163 bytes rather than 165 bytes.
  • Worked on an issue with User Datagram Protocol (UDP) broadcast packets. These packets are larger than the maximum transmission unit (MTU).
  • Now IKEEXT service will not stop working.
  • Fixed a problem with updating to Windows Server 2019 using a .iso image. Now the Local Security Authority (LSA) process will not stop work when you rename the default administrator account.
  • Microsoft team solves an issue that causes a cluster disk to go offline, and the cluster log reports the error, “RPC_X_BAD_STUB_DATA”.
  • Worked on an issue that might cause stop error 7E in nfssvr.sys on servers running the Network File System (NFS) service.
  • The team has fixed another problem that hinders the User Profile Service from detecting a slow or a fast link reliably.
  • Windows 10 team worked on an issue that causes contention for a metadata lock when using Work Folders.
  • Tries to solve an issue that causes a Work Folder sync to fail with the error code 0x8007017c. It occurs if you have turned on On-Demand File Access.
  • Windows 10 maker updated the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Device Management (DM) sync protocol by adding a check-in reason for requests from the client to the server.
  • Tries to fix an issue with failover in an environment that only has IPv6 clusters.
  • Updates the default values for the following Internet Explorer registry keys:


Note: The RootShareAcquireSuccessEvent field has the following possible values:

  • Default value = 1; enables the log.
  • Value other than 1; disables the log.

How to Get KB4601383 Update

There are two ways using which you can download and install the patch KB4601383 on your device. However, before you go to the steps, make sure that you have already installed the latest servicing stack update i.e. KB4601393

You may get the KB4601383 update from the following channels –

1. Through the Windows Update

Follow the steps to download KB4601383 Update:-

  • Open Windows Settings using Windows+I keys.
  • Select Update & Security > Windows Update.
  • Go to the right side and click the Optional updates link.
  • Here, you might get access to the latest non-security patch i.e. KB4601383.
  • If not, come back to the Windows Update page, and hit the Check for updates button.  
  • The system will then look for any pending updates and apply them to your computer (if available any). 

2. Using Update Catalog

In case you don’t get this update via Windows Update, manually download the standalone package available at the Microsoft Update Catalog site.

  • Go to Microsoft’s Update Catalog page.
  • Select the one that well suits your system configuration, and hit the download button.
  • When the download completes, double-click over the setup file to complete its installation.

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