KB4576753 and KB4576754 to install new Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

In the last month, there was an announcement to replace the Classic Edge (EdgeHTML version) with its new Microsoft Edge browser through a new cumulative update. According to the sources, Microsoft is now doing exactly the same as what had been stated.

Microsoft is rolling out two new mandatory Windows 10 Cumulative Updates KB4576753 and KB4576754 that will install the new browser Windows 10 to replace the old version. According to the reports, this update has been made as a one-way process that means once you grab the update, there is no mode to revert to the previous update.

KB4576753 and KB4576754

KB4576753  and KB4576754 force installs new Edge

Windows 10 version KB4576754 is for Windows 10 versions 1809, 1903, 1909, and 2004. And a second patch update KB4576753 is exclusively for Windows 10 1803. This will install the new Microsoft Chromium Edge.

You can download KB4576753 and KB4576754 through the Windows Settings. To do this, go to the Settings > Windows Settings and Check for updates.

After installing this update, here are some key features that will be included:

  • The Start menu pins, shortcuts, and tiles of the current version will be transferred to the new Edge. 
  • Add a new Edge browser pinned to your taskbar. It will replace if the old version of the Edge browser is already pinned.
  • Add a shortcut to the desktop and replace the old one.
  • Most of the protocols will be moved to the new Microsoft Edge.
  • It hides the current version Edge browser from UX surfaces in the OS. It combines settings, files, applications, and, protocol support dialog boxes.
  • This update tries to redirect the current version of the Edge browser to the new Edge.
  • The First Run Experience (FRE) will auto-launch the first time that a device restarts after the new Microsoft Edge is installed.
  • All the data of the current Edge like passwords, open tabs, favorites will be available in the new Microsoft Edge.
  • Microsoft says that the new Microsoft Edge does not support uninstalling of this update.

Known Issue 

Microsoft is currently not aware of any issues with this update.

That’s it.

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