KB4534310 and KB4534314 – Apply the Last Windows 7 Security Patch

Microsoft announces that KB4534310 and KB4534314 will be the last security patches for Windows 7. This being the first cumulative update of 2020 ends the golden era of Windows 7. The tech giant releases new features, bug fixes, and security updates for different components and services. 

As per the latest report by the company, Windows 7 has officially completed its tenure and there won’t be any new update. This simply implies that you should upgrade your OS to Windows 10 to safeguard yourself against new bugs and errors. Moreover, you must remain cautious while performing any transactions during either product purchases or banking processes. We too suggest switching to Windows 10 as you will receive continuous support by Microsoft. 

KB4534310 and KB4534314

KB4534310 and KB4534314 

The key changelogs that come along with the last patch update are as follows –


    • This brings security updates for the following –
      • Windows Server
      • Microsoft Scripting Engine
      • Windows Input and Composition
      • Windows Storage and Filesystems
    • In addition to this, it addresses the issues that appear on KB4525251 (released November 19, 2019).


    • This brings security updates for the following – Windows Input and Composition, Windows Storage and Filesystems and Windows Server. 

There are no other system optimization enhancements on this patch for Windows 7.

Direct Links to download these updates

Known issues on KB4534310 and KB4534314 

Microsoft is currently not aware of any bugs that occur on this release.

Some other relevant information

There are a few relevant information which you must know as a Windows 7 user. 

You will regularly receive a prompt notifying you of the risks that you are prone to while using an outdated OS. After 15th Jan 2020, there appears a full-screen notification on the following editions –

    • Starter
    • Home Basic
    • Home Premium
    • Professional
    • Windows 10 OS with Extended Security Updates
    • Ultimate

Note: You won’t receive any notification if you have purchased Windows Professional with Extended Security Update (ESU). Learn how to get ESU on eligible operating systems. Or, get the Lifecycle FAQ-Extended Security Updates.