KB4534276 and KB4534296 for Windows 10 1709 & 1703 – 14 Jan 2020

Windows 10 receives KB4534276 for versions 1709 and KB4534296 for version 1703. It increases the version number of 1709 to 16299.1625 & 1703 to 15063.2254.

Another cumulative update KB4534276 and KB4534296 are released on patch day for Windows 10 1709 and 1703 respectively. This security update increases the version number of Win 10 1709 to 16299.1625 and that of Win 10 1703 to 15063.2254. Along with some known issues, Microsoft introduces security updates for version 1709. For version 1703, not a single issue is found yet but the team releases the security updates.

You can either download the patch Tuesday updates KB4534276 and KB4534296 manually or let Windows do it for you. If you fail to get the patch update, you can use the manual installation as an alternative approach. To do this, just launch Windows Settings (Win+I> Update & Security > Windows Update. After that, move to the right pane and select Check for updates. To check the complete list of the patch, open Windows 10 Cumulative Updates.


General Fixes and Improvements for 1709 and 1703

Cumulative Update Changes/ Improvements
KB4534276 and KB4534296

Microsoft releases security updates for the following-

  • Windows Input and Composition
  • Windows Media and Windows Virtualization
  • Microsoft Scripting Engine
  • Windows Storage and Filesystems
  • Windows Server

Known Issues for KB4534276

Symptom Workaround

On performing certain operations like renaming of files and folders, this may prompt the following error message –


This bug appears on the screen when you don’t sign in as Admin, still carry out these actions on a Cluster Shared Volume.

To resolve this bug, perform the operation using-

  • A procedure that has admin rights.
  • A node that doesn’t require CSV ownership.

The Company may release a permanent solution to this very soon as they are currently working on a resolution.

After updating the cumulative update KB4534276, during the Out of Box Experience, try to set up a new Windows device. At this time, there is a probable chance that you might be failed to create a local user when using the Input Method Editor.

This problem might affect you if you are utilizing the IME for the following languages – Chinese, Japanese, or Korean languages.

Important: It does not affect if you are using a Microsoft Account during OOBE.

You need to set the keyboard language to English during user creation in order to lessen this problem. Moreover, you can use a Microsoft Account to complete OOBE.

You can set the keyboard language back to your selected language after user creation. When the OOBE is completed you can rename the current user using these guidelines. However, if you prefer to make a new local user, check out KB4026923.

The Company may release a permanent solution to this very soon as they are currently working on a resolution.

How to get KB4534276 and KB4534296

Before proceeding further, make sure to install the following Servicing Stack updates on your PC-

1. Through Windows Update

You will auto receive the new patch update KB4534276 and KB4534296 on your respective Windows 10 1700 series PCs through Windows Update. Besides, you can manually download the patch update as well by visiting the following address-

Settings (Win+I) > Update & Security > Windows Update

After you reach the above location, press Check for updates option.

2. Through the Update Catalog

Download Standalone Package for Windows 10 version: 1709, 1703.

3. Via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

If you configure Products and Classifications as described below, KB4534276 and KB4534296 will auto-synchronize with WSUS.

  • Product: Windows 10
  • Classification: Security Updates

Source: KB4534276 and KB4534296