KB4524148 and KB4524149 came for Windows 10 1809 & 1803 – 03 Oct 2019

Microsoft reveals new cumulative updates KB4524148 and KB4524149 for Windows 10 1809 and 1803 respectively on 3rd October. This is basically a security patch that takes the existing 1809 OS to build 17763.775, 1809 OS build to 17134.1040 and expands the out-of-band update dated September 23, 2019. It improved a printing issue that some users claimed to have experienced in the previous build. Furthermore, this update comprises the Internet Explorer scripting engine security vulnerability (CVE-2019-1367) mitigation. 

RECOMMENDED: KB4522015 Windows 10 1809 to build 17763.740 – 23 Sept 2019

Users are granted to grab KB4524148 and KB4524149 using Windows Update or Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) automatically. Microsoft team suggests you install this update instantly and then restart your PC to fully implement the mitigations. Additionally, similar to all cumulative updates, this update replaces any preceding update.

Note – This patch having build 17763.775 and 17134.1040 do not supersede the forthcoming October 2019 monthly update. It will release on October 8, 2019.


General Fixes and Improvements on KB4524148

Here, we discuss the key changes and improvements that came along with Build 17763.775.

  • The tech community works upon an intermittent issue with the print spooler service that may cause print jobs to fail. Some apps may close or generate errors. For example- the remote procedure call (RPC) error.
  • Microsoft team resolves an issue that may result in an error when you install Features On Demand (FOD), such as .Net 3.5. The error is –
 The changes couldn’t be complete. Please reboot your computer and try again.
 Error code: 0x800f0950

Known Issues on KB4524148 and KB4524149


Cumulative update Symptom Workaround

KB4524148 and KB4524149

On executing certain operations like renaming of files and folders, this may prompt the following error message –


This bug arises basically when you don’t have administrative privileges to perform these actions on a Cluster Shared Volume.

To resolve this bug, perform the operation using-

  • A procedure that has admin rights.
  • A node that doesn’t require CSV ownership.

The Company may release a permanent solution to this very soon as they are currently working on a resolution.

KB4524148 and KB4524149

The company is investigating the issue that leads to a black screen on a few devices. 

Primarily, this trouble arises when you try signing into your PC for the first time after installing the latest cumulative update. 

To resolve the underlying cause, jointly press the Ctrl+Alt & Delete keys thereafter choose the Power button and hit Restart

The Company may release a permanent solution to this very soon as they are currently working on a resolution.

KB4524148 and KB4524149

After installing KB4524148 and KB4524149, users may get a “15-5” error message on Windows Mixed Reality Portal.

In a few instances, the above universal windows platform app may report that the headset is sleeping. If you press “Wake up”, this might result in “no action”.

To fix this anomaly, simply follow these steps-

  1. Close the Windows Mixed Reality Portal, if it is running.
  2. Open Task Manager by selecting the Start button and typing “task manager.
  3. In Task Manager, under the Processes tab, right-click Windows Explorer and select Restart.
  4. Open the Windows Mixed Reality Portal.


On installing KB4493509, devices with some Asian language packs installed may face an error. The prompted error message is- “0x800f0982 – PSFX_E_MATCHING_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND.”
  1. First of all, uninstall and reinstall any recently added language packs.
  2. Click on Check for Updates and then install the April 2019 Cumulative Update.

Note- In case, reinstalling the language pack does not diminish the issue, then reset your device as given-

  1. Go to the Settings app > Recovery.
  2. Select Get Started under the Reset this PC recovery option.
  3. Select Keep my Files.

The team is working on a resolution. They will offer an update in an upcoming release.


How to get KB4524148 and KB4524149

Before proceeding further, make sure to install the following Servicing stack updates on your PC-

1. Through Windows Update

You will auto receive the new patch update KB4524148 and KB4524149 on your respective Windows 10 1800 series PCs through Windows Update. Besides, you can manually download the patch update as well by visiting the following address-

Settings (Win+I) > Update & Security > Windows Update

On locating the above location, press Check for updates option.

2. Through the Update Catalog

Download Standalone Package for Windows 10 version: 18091803.

3. Via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

If you configure Products and Classifications as described below, KB4524148 and KB4524149 will auto-synchronize with WSUS.

  • Product: Windows 10
  • Classification: Security Updates

Source: KB4524148 and KB4524149