KB4505052 updates Windows 10 1607 to Build 14393.2972

Today, Microsoft rolls the KB4505052 patch update which will enhance Windows 10 1607 to Build 14393.2969. Though, there are no major changes that came along with this release; it compromises some good fixes and improvements.

Here, in this article; we will discourse the key advancements in addition to known bugs. This release solves accessing gov.uk websites which earlier don’t open on HSTS-enabled IE or Edge browsers. There is no solution to the common issues which are prevailed from the last two patch updates.


KB4505052 key Improvements and fixes

The salient changes of this patch update are as follows –

  1. Work on a bug that restricts access to the domain “gov.uk” while browsing on either Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. This issue, in general, occurs when the website at hand doesn’t support HTTP Strict Transport Security i.e. HSTS.

KB4505052 resolves only those issues for which it contains the solutions. For fixes that came prior to this update, you have to download and install previous releases.

Known issues in this update


System Center Virtual Machine Manager yet won’t itemize or manage the local switches on hosts. If you don’t acquiesce to the best practices, a stop error might come into sight on the host’s vfpext.sys files.

Sol– You can resolve this error message by following these two useful processes.

  1. Run mofcomp to the respective mof files on the affected host-
    • Scvmmswitchportsettings.mof
    • VMMDHCPSvr.mof
  2. Do accede to the above practices so as to discard a stop error in vfpext.sys in an SDN v2 environment.


After you install KB4467684, there may appear an error message “2245 (NERR_PasswordTooShort)” that fails the cluster services. This anomaly, in general, occurs only if the group policy “Minimum Password Length” is set to 14 characters or even more.

Sol– To fix this, you should put either 14 characters or lesser as the “Minimum Password Length” policy.


Once you install KB4505052 cumulative update, certain operations like renaming of files or folders may wane and hence, display the following error message-


This occurs only if you perform such operations as Non-Admin on a Cluster Shared Volume i.e. CSV.

Sol– To elucidate this bug, try any of these two solutions.

  1. Log in as Administrator to perform any similar operation.
  2. Complete the process from a node that doesn’t require CSV ownership.


You may tackle trouble when trying to use the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) after installing KB4505052 so as to begin a device using the WDS server that is programmed to use Variable Window Extension. By default, this terminates prematurely on any WDS server that downloads such images. You won’t receive any such warning messages if you are not taking the aid of Variable Windows Extension.

Sol– There are 3 prime ways to solve this issue and they are-

Way 1: Start the Command prompt as Admin and execute the following lines on it.

Wdsutil /Set-TransportServer /EnableTftpVariableWindowExtension:No

Way 2: Use the Windows Deployment Services UI in the following order-

  1. Begin Windows Deployment Services using Windows Administrative Tools.
  2. Here, expand Servers then right-click on the WDS server.
  3. At last, select properties thereafter clear the Enable Variable Window Extension box on the TFTP tab.

Option 3: Browse to the following key registry and put “0” in its value field.


Lastly, restart the WDS-Server service once you deactivate the Variable Window Extension.

Download KB4505052 on your PC

You will receive a notification regarding KB4505052 on your PC automatically. In case, you don’t get any messages related to this, you can manually download and install this patch update using the following steps-

  • Press Win+I to invoke the Settings app.
  • Succeeding after, select Update & Security next Windows Update option.

Note: Before updating Windows 10 1607 to this cumulative update, do install the latest SSU i.e. (KB4498947) on your System. This will make sure that nothing wrong happens during the update process. You will acquire the Service Stacking Update automatically or else you can manually download the same.

That’s it, you are now able to download and install KB4505052 on your PC.

Source- Update Catalogue

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