KB4503288 updates Windows 10 1803 to Build 17134.858

KB4503288 comes out for Windows 10 version 1803 and enhances the same to Build 17134.858. With this patch update, Microsoft brings remarkable fixes for Custom Views in the Event Viewer, Windows Account Manager, mobile device management and others. The Company works upon several driver related issues such as- Direct Memory Access, Windows Ecosystems, etc.

Along with superb improvements on this cumulative update, there occur some known issues as well like- black screen after upgrade and 0xC00000A5. The experts have provided temporary solutions to both of these releases as well. Just follow the best practices to avoid any trouble.


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KB4503288 – Fixes, and Improvements for Windows 10 1803

The key changes that came along with this patch update are as follow-

  • Addresses an anomaly that doesn’t allow opening new links in a few cases on the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Modifies an issue that earlier on receiving bad format icons simply restricts OS loading new icons files.
  • Resolves a bug that stops the Calculator app when it tries to follow the Gannen setting.
  • Works upon an issue that turns a single mouse press into an extra mouse move event.
  • KB4503288 improves the scrolling attribute issue on Windows that comprises child windows. Earlier, this bug was found to disturb the User Interface for several seconds.
  • Works upon an issue that allows users to disable the sign-in background image when the following policy is enabled-
    • "Computer\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Personalization\Prevent changing lock screen and logon image"
  • Resolves a bug that results Microsoft Outlook to stop responding when you close a mail item.
  • Addresses the Internet Explorer 11 issue which causes programmatic scrolling to fail.
  • Build 17134.858 temporarily fixes the evaluating and compatibility issue on Windows Ecosystems. This in turn, makes sure that devices and applications are compatible with all forthcoming Windows Updates.
  • Resolves an anomaly that fails to update a user hive. This issue arises when you publish an optional package on to a Connection Group, however the same was already published.
  • Works upon an issue that removes UserRights policies from all users in a security group. This occurs when you remove a device from a mobile device management (MDM) server or Microsoft Intune deletes a UserRights policy. 
  • Resolves an underlying cause that may stop a provisioning package from being applied correctly. This occurs when it’s used to invoke the CleanPC configuration service provider (CSP). 
  • Adds ActiveX controls support on Windows Defender Application Control. 
  • Removes a bug that restricts Windows Information Protection from encrypting a removable USB drive.

Some Other fixes

  • Microsoft now allows decrypting data (created in Windows 10 1607) on 1703 and newer versions of Windows 10. Windows users were earlier not able to decrypt files because of two mechanism-
    • Data Protection Application Programming Interface NG (DPAPI-NG)
    • Group-protected Personal Information Exchange Format (PFX) file
  • Resolves a bug that restricts users from logging into their Microsoft Surface Hub device with an Azure Active Directory account. This issue arises because a previous session did not end successfully. 
  • Works upon an issue that causes Windows Account Manager (WAM) to fail while using a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and prevents the user from authenticating. 
  • Resolves an anomaly that results in Disk Management and DiskPart stop functioning when users put some removable disks on Windows.
  • Addresses an anomaly on the system which has enabled preboot kernel Direct Memory Access (DMA) protection. When the system boots Windows in safe mode, it simply stops working and displays the error-
  • Office 365 apps may work effectively after installing this patch update. They used to stop working once they are deployed as App-V packages.
  • KB4503288 disables the Microsoft Visual Basic Script (VBScript) on Internet and Restricted sites zones while surfing on Internet Explorer or other Web-Browser control.
  • Resolves an issue which results in “MMC has detected an error in a snap-in and will unload it” error message. This occurs when users try to expand, view or create Custom Views in the Event Viewer. Owing to this trouble, the application may stop responding or just crash. You may also get the same error while using Filter Current Log in the Action menu with inbuilt views or logs.

KB4503288 -Known Issues

Symptom Workaround

Performing certain operations like – renaming of files on a Cluster Shared Volume may end up displaying an error message-


This problem arises primarily when you use a Non-Admin account to carry out the following operations on a CSV owner node.

To fix this error code, you can follow any of the two workarounds mentioned below-

  1. Execute operations like – renaming of files and folders from a node that doesn’t own CSV.
  2. Use an Administrator account to carry out the above operations.

The company has not yet developed a permanent solution to this anomaly, though promised to bring it soon in an upcoming release.

After installing the latest cumulative update, restarting PC results a black Screen during the first sign-in attempt.

As a workaround, Hold down the Ctrl+Alt+Delete combination keys together thereafter choose the Power option available at the bottom right corner and tap Restart.

Performing the above step may resolve the issue and your PC boots up normally.

The Company is currently investigating this issue and may bring a solution in an upcoming update.

How to get KB4503288 update

Note: Do download the latest SSU (KB4497398) before proceeding ahead.

You can have this new patch update KB4503288 automatically for your PC through Windows Update. In case, you don’t want to wait, go to the following address and manually download the cumulative update-

 Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update

Once you reach to the above location, press Check for updates option.

You can have the Standalone package by visiting Microsoft’s official website.

Source: Microsoft Update Catalogue