KB4501375 upgrades Windows 10 19H1 to Build 18362.207 – 27 Jun 2019

Microsoft rolls KB4501375 cumulative update for Windows 10 19H1 users which in turn enhances the existing build to 18362.207. With this release, the Company brings remarkable fixes in Magnifier, Edge, IE 11, Night Light, Scalable vector graphics, etc. Furthermore, there are some improvements in Windows Terminal, Windows Event Log services, VPN, WDS, and others.

Despite important fixes and characteristics, this patch contains a known issue as well. This bug restricts Windows Sandbox from starting and instead display an error message- ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (0x80070002). The experts are working on this issue and may provide a workaround to this soon. Let’s explore the new features that came along with this cumulative update. Here is the complete catalog of cumulative updates that came so far. 


Fixes and Improvements

This update includes quality improvements; key changes include-

  • They work on an issue that often fails to display the cursor. However, it generally occurs when you hover over the keyboard magnifier. 
  • Modifies an issue with looping redirects between the Edge browser and Internet Explorer 11. 
  • Microsoft team exerts and effort in order to fix an issue with the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) marker display. 
  • Alongside, Build 18362.207 works upon a problem with programmatic scrolling in Internet Explorer 11. 
  • They also address another issue with displaying portions of a webpage. Moreover, this issue has various elements and multiple nesting levels under certain specific situations in Internet Explorer.
  • With these following issues, they also work upon Error 1309. Typically, this malfunction appears when you attempt to install or uninstall some specific types of .msi or .msp file on a virtual drive.
  • On installing this cumulative updates KB4501375, you will not experience certain issue which pushed out you in various difficulty such as- Night light, Color Management profiles, or gamma correction. These issues cause to stop working after shutting down a device.
  • During Windows Hello enrollment, now the camera will not expose the greyscale.
  • The company works upon playback of some video content. These content generate by iOS devices to fail.
  • Works upon a desktop and taskbar flickering issue on Windows Server 2009 Terminal Server. It occurs when you use User Profile Disks.
  • The tech master addresses an issue that allows you to disable the sign-in background image. It generally occurs when the following path of the policy gets enabled – “Computer\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Personalization\Prevent changing lock screen and logon image”
  • In this feature update, the team also works upon the disconnection issue. It occurs when you use the fitness software on your Android phone having the ‘Your Phone’ application installed inside there.
  • The team works upon an issue that is the reason for Office 365 applications to prevent working after opening when they are deployed as App-V packages. 
  • KB4501375 modifies an issue on 19H1 that restricts Container Hosts from receiving an address from a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server.
  • With Build 18362.207, the company works upon an issue that restricts from Windows 7 from completing successfully. However, it occurs when the third-party antivirus software is installed.
  • KB4501375 addresses the Group Policy update issue that occurs even there aren’t any policy changes. This problem arises primarily when users redirect folders using the client-side extension (CSE).
  • Strengthens the Certificate Revocation List on Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IKEv2) machines for certificate-based virtual private network (VPN) connections, such as Device Tunnel, in an Always On VPN deployment. 
  • In this announcement, they work upon the issue which restricts the Windows Event Log service from processing notifications that the log is full. This makes event log actions. Such as archiving the log when it meets the highest file size, impossible. In addition to this, at the time when the Security log is replete, the Local Security Authority cannot handle CrashOnAuditFailscenarios, and also events cannot be written.

Some other Fixes

  • The organization works upon an issue that inhibits the Preboot Execution Environment from initiating a device from a Windows Deployment Services server configured to use Variable Window Extension. Alongside, this may cause the connection to the WDS server to make the end before the time while downloading the image. Although, according to the tech professional, this issue does not affect clients or devices that are not using the Variable Window Extension.
  • Earlier, when users try to either expand view or create Custom views in Event Viewer, there appears an error message- “MMC has detected an error in a snap-in and will unload it”. This prevents apps from working properly. In certain scenarios, this even stops responding. The above bug might also come into existence if you use Filter Current Log in the Action menu with inbuilt views or logs. The Company has resolved this issue for now.
  • Microsoft resolves an issue that occurs while registering WinHTTP. This bug is known to auto-increase the size of Registry and hence delays the normal boot-up of operating System. Devices that use proxy auto-config (PAC) files to define how web-browsers choose an appropriate proxy server are more prone to such errors. If you do want to get rid of such trouble, you should update the following entries on the registry-

Path: HKEY_CURRENTUSER\"Software\Classes\Localettings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Mappings"

Setting: CleanupLeakedContainerRegistrations


Value: 1

If you put value equals “1” in the Value data field, this removes the previous registrations. In case you put “0”, it will retain the existing registrations.

Known Issues on KB4501375

Symptom Workaround

After updating to this patch update, Windows Sandbox may fail to begin and rather display the following error message-

“ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (0x80070002)”

This bug appears only on those Systems on which there is a change in the default OS language while upgrading to Windows 10 v 1903.

The Company is currently working on a resolution and may bring the same in an upcoming release.

How to get this KB4501375 update on 19H1

Before proceeding ahead, make sure to install the latest SSU KB4506933 on your System. This is necessary for the smooth functioning of the whole upgrade process-

Once you download and install the above service stack update, follow these easy steps-

  • Press Win+I hotkey together to launch the Settings app.
  • Thereupon, select Update & Security option.
  • Again, choose Windows Update from the left pane on the next window.
  • Succeeding after, move to the right side and tap Check for updates button.

Alternatively, you can also download the .msi file of KB4501375 for Windows 10 19H1 manually by clicking Micro-soft website.

Here are a few fixes, in case Check For Updates doesn’t work on Windows 10.

Source – Update Catalog