KB4497935 updates Windows 10 1903 to Build 18362.145 in Slow Ring

Microsoft rolls out the KB4497935 patch update which will enhance the current Windows 10 1903 build to 18362.145 in the Slow Ring. This is the twelfth update on Build 18362 and brings several fixes and improvements. They address several bugs on this release such as- Custom URI, Roaming App data, BranchCache and many others.

Here, in this article, we discuss the key changes that are included in KB4497935 on 19H1 Slow or Release Preview ring. Let’s explore these issues and their solutions in more detail-

KB4497935 Windows 10 1903

Improvements and Fixes

Here, we depict the key changes that came along with this cumulative update-

  1. KB4497935 works upon an issue that restricts Custom URI Schemes beginning any application on a local intranet or Internet Explorer. This occurs only for Application Protocol handlers and their respective apps.
  2. Earlier when you redirect a Roaming AppData folder to a network path, certain apps may fail to launch. They address this issue on this Build.
  3. Improves the turn off Night light functionality during display mode changes.
  4. Works upon an anomaly that hinders Display Screen going full-screen while playing games. This occurs only when there is a Microsoft Game bar at the top of Game’s screen.
  5. Resolves a bug that previously doesn’t allow the removal of Bluetooth® peripheral devices on certain PCs.
  6. Confronts an issue that earlier lets event 7600 carrying an unreadable server name on Domain Name System.
  7. Mitigates the issue where the dots per inch i.e. DPI of the guest doesn’t match with its host.
  8. Works upon an anomaly that arises nuisance when one tries to open the application protocol URL if this is hosted on an intranet web-page.
  9. Addresses a bug that earlier stops a server from receiving SMB connections. This issue arises when a File Share Witness doesn’t discard server message block handles.
  10. Resolves an issue in which an external SD memory card or USB device simply re-assigns itself to an erroneous drive during installation. To know more about this issue, read Windows 10 19H1 Update will fail while using USB Storage.

Some Other Fixes

  • BranchCache, in general, uses more disk storage than allowed while being in a republication cache. KB4497935 addresses this issue when the above is in distributed cache mode on Windows 10 1903. To solve this issue, one should execute the netsh branchcache flush command so as to clear BranchCache on disk that exceeds its storage limit.
  • Earlier, if you alter the default display’s orientation; it may prevent a few games or Direct3D apps from becoming Full-Screen.
  • Confronts a bug that may create a Windows catalog file on an x64 system using Windows System Image Manager.

Download Links

KB4497935ArchitectureSize (MB)Download CAB file
Windows 10 v190332 Bit (x84)86Official Website
Windows 10 v190364 Bit (x64)194Official Website
Windows 10 v1903ARM 64192official website

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