How to Install HEVC Codecs on Windows 11

In this post, we will guide you through the installation of HEVC codecs on Windows 11. Here the two options to install HEVC Codecs on Windows 11 will be discussed: the paid one and the free one.

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It is really frustrating when you transfer videos from your computer to your PC, but the applications you have installed do not allow you to play them. While WAV and MP4 files shouldn’t be problematic, other formats that aren’t natively supported by your PC can pose more of a problem.

In this regard, the H.265 codec, also known as High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is a format that is used for video recording on iPhones and 4K Blu-ray discs. It is possible that you will face an error when attempting to open this video format in an app built into Windows 11.

There may be a small charge for the HEVC codecs depending on your region. There was a time when the HEVC codecs were available for free on the Microsoft Store, but they are no longer available. Even so, there is still a way to watch HEVC videos without spending a penny.

How to Install HEVC Codecs on Windows 11

Download and Install HEVC Codecs

These codecs work out the security and ensure that the video is accessible only when they are used. Unfortunately, this codec does not come pre-installed with Windows 11, you need to install it separately.

Here is how to download and install HEVC Codecs on Windows 11 –

  • Click on the Start button, type Microsoft Store and select the result from the top of the list.
  • Search for HEVC Video Extensions in the Store app, and click the result.
  • Different countries will have different prices for it. As there are many products with the same name, make sure you are buying one from ‘Microsoft Corporation’ before proceeding with the purchase.

Install HEVC Codecs on Windows 11

  • You will then see a blue icon with a price. Click on it now.
  • Then you’ll be guided through the purchase process on the screen

Once the HEVC codec has been successfully installed on your device, you can now view any HEVC video on your Windows 11 computer

Play HEVC Videos for Free on Windows 11

Those who do not wish to use Microsoft’s built-in video apps can use an alternative that does not cost any money. It means you can play HEVC Videos on Windows 11 without having to purchase them from the Store app. This media player includes support for H.265 (HEVC) video right out of the box. So you can skip the above steps. 

  • Get your VLC player from and click the Download button.
  • Select VLC as the default video player in Settings > Apps > Default apps so that the process could become more seamless.
  • Once you have installed VLC, you will be able to view all of your HEVC videos for free.

Here is a comprehensive guide for users of the HEVC codec who wish to spend money on it, as well as a free alternative. It doesn’t matter which type of user you are, you will now be able to watch HEVC videos on Windows 11 PC.

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