How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu

Did you recently switch to Ubuntu from Windows 11 or start using it in parallel with the Windows ecosystem? After doing the preliminary checks, you must wonder how to install Google Chrome in Ubuntu. Though there is an app store for your help, you may find it difficult to install new programs that are not available in its repositories. 

In this guide, we will look into steps involving how to install Google Chrome, update it, and even uninstall it from the Ubuntu ecosystem. Without any further ado, let’s see the installation process –

Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu

Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu

If you look for Google Chrome in the Ubuntu repositories, you will not find it. So, you need to manually download its deb package. For this, open the command line program in Ubuntu, and run the below command –


  • Running this code will create a direct link to the Google servers and download the relevant deb package from there. Wait for the download to complete. When completed, execute the below command next –

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

  • This command will install the Google Chrome web browser using the .deb file.

Note: The best thing about this command is that it will not only install Google Chrome but will also add the Google repositories on Ubuntu. The installed repository consists of three packages and they are –

  • google-chrome-stable
  • google-chrome-beta
  • google-chrome-unstable

As the name suggests, the first package contains the latest stable release of Chrome. This repository also helps to update Chrome whenever required. Otherwise, you need to manually download the .deb file each time you want to upgrade the Chrome version.

How to verify Google Chrome installation

Though Google Chrome must have been installed in your Ubuntu operating system, you may verify it by running the below command –

google-chrome --version

  • If this results in “Google Chrome has been installed successfully”, this confirms the Chrome installation.

To start Chrome using the command line, you may type the following and press Enter in the terminal –


Alternatively, you may also search for this web browser on Activities in the top left corner of your desktop screen.

How to update Google Chrome in Ubuntu

Now that you have installed a stable version of Google Chrome in Ubuntu, you may update this program by running a single line in the terminal. To do so, you may run these codes –

apt update

install google-chrome-stable

How to uninstall Google Chrome in Ubuntu

In case you ever want to uninstall the Google Chrome from your Ubuntu OS, all you need is to run this code –

sudo apt purge google-chrome-stable

  • This will ask for a password. Type in your user account’s password.

Note: When you are typing your password, nothing will be displayed on the screen. Don’t worry as this is because of a security issue and it is completely normal. 

  • The system will now ask if you would like to remove Google Chrome. Well, type “Y” and press the Enter key. 
  • Google Chrome now uninstalls successfully from your Ubuntu OS.

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