Insider preview build 18309 of Window 10 is now available

Recently Microsoft has announced to release new Insider preview build 18309 in Windows 10 19H1. This is the first update of this year as insider preview 18305 was released last year. In this build, the team managed small yet notable changes to the OS. In the fast ring build 18309, Microsoft has declared improvement in the sign-in section along with password / less phone number without creating a password. You can also reset Hello PIN directly on your sign-in screen.

The other modifications of this build are in the narrator section and Ease of Access under Windows update. There are some bug-free solutions and general changes done in insider preview build 18309. For detailed instructions, check out the original website of Microsoft.

Here are the new features of Insider preview build 18309

improvements

Streamlined Windows Hello PIN reset experience

If you are using a personal PC, there is no need to create a PIN. With this build version, you can reset Hello PIN on your sign-in screen.  Previously this experience is available only for the insider of the Windows 10 Home edition. But after this update, this specific feature is available for all Windows 10 editions.

With the modification in the elimination of passwords, it has now made the use of personal PCs handier. With the latest update, you can create your account using a phone number with no need of creating a password in all Windows 10 editions.  Once the account is set up, you can use Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint, or a PIN to sign in to Windows 10.

Narrator improvements

Add more voices- With the latest update, you can now download additional voices without having to download any other language packs. To do this you need to open Narrator Settings and choose the “Add more voices” option.

Narrator Home navigation: The main actions on Narrator Home, such as QuickStart and Settings, are now buttons in place of List view items. You can now navigate to all of them easily.

Read Current character phonetics: Added Narrator + 5, twice Narrator command to render current character phonetics.

Other improvements-

  • Improved reading of controls while navigating or editing
  • Enhanced table reading in PowerPoint
  • Improved reading and navigating experiences with Chrome and the Narrator
  • Improved interacting with Chrome menu’s with Narrator

Ease of Access improvements

Cursor and Pointers-

There have been significant changes made in the cursor and pointer section. The last build in which, there were some changes in this section was 18298. With the build 18309, Microsoft has added 11 additional pointer sizes of the mouse.  Now there are a total of 15 different mouse pointer sizes in cursor and pointer sections.

build 18309

General improvements

There are several in general improvements that came with Build 18309 on Windows 10. Here is the complete list of these improvements:

  • When you press Left Alt and Shift hotkey, a notification will turn up explaining its function. This is linked directly to the Settings in which you can disable this hotkey as well. The aim of this hotkey is simply to trigger an input change in language. Note that even if you disable this hotkey, Win+ Space hotkey will continue to work which is the recommended hotkey if you want to change the input method.
  • The issue of generation of Green Screen in two situations i.e. while using the Xbox Controller and other when interacting with the visual studio has also been resolved.
  • Earlier the changes made in the Mouse Settings were automatically reset to default. Again there has been some issue with pointer sizes i.e. users were not able to increase or decrease it properly when the DPI is set to near about 100%. Both issues related to the mouse has now been solved by Microsoft.
  • There is a minor adjustment made in the texts across different pages in Settings Window.
  • Windows Sandbox has now enhanced support to DPI displays.
  • Windows Sandbox and Windows Defender Application Guard were having launching issue earlier in Windows 10 build 18305. This issue was somehow related to KB4483214 which has now been fixed.
  • There has been a server-side change made in build 18309 which will now prevent the irregular yet continuous Windows explorer crashes.
  • The issue of explorer crashing while attempting right click on the network printer has also been rectified.

Some other fixes

  • Previously while using Hyper-V with an external v-switch have resulted in many UWP apps not being able to connect to the internet. Build 18309 has addressed this bug. 
  • The dictation page now has extra features to explain the reasons because of which it is not working. You can have a look at this by pressing Win+H hotkey.
  • Microsoft solved the issue related to the cmimanageworker.exe process making your PC smoother and faster. Doing this has brought less burden on CPU usage.
  • One can now activate Cortana Voice-over by pressing Win+ctrl+Enter. This feature was earlier disabled while performing a clean installation of any edition of Windows 10 OS.
  • The issue of the Narrator not being able to turn off has now been solved where the Narrator displays an error message “Another Ease of Access application is preventing Narrator from supporting touch…” and this will now be able to announce the current state of the Hardware buttons like Volume keys.
  • Earlier Magnifier doesn’t work properly in spite you give the command to the Narrator cursor. The company has resolved this issue. This will work effectively even if you have enabled “follow narrator cursor” on your System.
  • Microsoft now has fixed the issue where the Narrator did not command applications from Task Manager when the “More details” view was selected.


All other features remain the same just similar to build version 18305. If you have any queries related to this article, do ask us in the comment box.