Insider Preview Build 18312 Windows 10 1903 features

Microsoft announces the new insider preview build 18312. This is now available for Windows 10 version 1903 in Fast ring. There are lots of changes and improvements made in this build. There are drastic changes made in the different sections of OS like Settings, extra storage subsystem, WSL, UI improvements, increment in FLS Slot Limits, etc.

This build version also handles common bugs like sticky notes, Settings, action center, USB media drive and other components. The common issue that occurs in this update is described in this article in full detail. Hence, read this article carefully.

Build 18312

What’s new in Insider Preview Build 18312

Extra disk space to keep OS up to date

Starting from 19H1, Microsoft is performing minor changes which will take care of how Windows 10 utilizes the disk space. From now onwards, there would be some reserved storage that can be used for Windows Updates, Apps, System Caches and Temporary Files. The prime goal of Microsoft now is to ensure the well functioning of the system by making sure that the critical functions of OS always have the leverage of extra disk space.

With the onset of 19H1, there would be pre-built reserved storage whenever there is a clean installation of 19H1 on all PCs whether new or old. 

If you have completed this quest, reserved storage will automatically take place by the next reboot of your PC.

Increase in the FLS Slot Limit

With this build, there would be more FLS (Fiber Local Storage) slot allocated for each process thus letting usage of thousands of unique plugins in a smooth and effective way.  Microsoft has brought this feature keeping in mind that there are several applications which load hundreds or thousands of unique DLLs that have statically-linked Visual C++ runtimes. In addition to this, they can also allocate more FLS slots.

One common example where this feature can be used is by Musicians as they create complex projects with various tracks, several instruments, and deeper effects chains. As there is a cap in FLS slot allocation, they have to surpass this setting as it prevents the usage of various unique plugins into their DAWs short for Digital Audio Workstations.

UI Improvements in Reset this PC

Microsoft adds a new UI for Reset this PC. The same could be accessed by navigating to the path:

Settings > Update & Security > Recovery

You can now have a more consistent experience while using separate devices having different configurations. Again this requires few clicks to configure this.

Windows Subsystem for Linux Command Line Tool Improvements

There are now new command-line options available to the WSL for easy management of WSL. The new functionality added to this are as follow:

Note: For more details read the release notes.

  • Consolidated Command line options: You can now manage your WSL distros using options available in the wslconfig command-line tool.
  • There is the “import” option embedded in the WSL to bring a tar file as a new distribution. You can now manage the Distribution registry as per your own location in non-system drives.
  • Again there is now an “export” option so that you can send a distribution registry to a tar file. This will reach to your specified default downloads section.

General changes, improvements, and fixes

There are many changes, improvements, and fixes made on the system in this build version (Fast Ring). Here are the details-

  1. You can solve the error of the Network shared Page under the File Explorer window which can now use black text on a dark theme.
  2. In the previous insider build, there were bugs impacting the Microsoft Edge. Now you can solve this error.
  3. Now the trouble “USB printers may appear twice” occur in Devices and Printers category of the Control Panel is solved.
  4. Previously when you open a new command prompt, you face the loss of color issue. This build has also resolved this bug.
  5. Now you can assign the group policy for disabling acrylic when you log into Window. To locate this option under Group Policy editor, you need to navigate to the path- Administrative Templates –> System –> Logon -> “Show clear logon background”.
  6. After this Windows Update, you can also resolve the custom desktop/ Lock screen images that occur during the runtimes provisioning package.
  7. The zoom-in of the shadow during the flyout is now resolved.
  8. This insider preview also rectifies the Windows Startup Sound might not play issue which appears up when you log into your Windows after updating the PC.
  9. The issue while working on Sticky Notes (if Insights were enabled)is now solved. If you are using hyperlink colors, it will now work smoothly.

Note: In case if you are facing the Sticky Notes stuck issue in insider preview 18309 as well, go to the Microsoft Store and download Sticky Notes version 3.5.4. This will solve all issues related to sticky notes.

In case, if you are having trouble with Sandbox on your Windows, have a look at Sandbox not loading on PCs.

General issues-

There are some potential issues that might occur after upgrading your PC with insider preview build 18312. The detail descriptions are discussed below-

Issue #1:

After upgrade, restart or doing the change under Settings of the system: There will be some unwanted status located under the Windows Security app. The same will be notified in the Virus & threat protection section. This might restrict the proper shut down of the system.

Issue #2:

While opening games, you will probably see the anti-cheat program activated here which might cause GSOD.

Issue #3:

If you go to access your account in Cortana Permissions, the sign out from Search will not appear upon the UI.

Issue #4:

When you remove the USB using File Explorer, the warning message will appear up. To remove this pop-up, firstly close the File Explorer window then try these steps-

Go to the right side of the system tray and click on the ‘Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media’. Now select the USB media drive in order to remove it.

Issue #5:

On reserved storage enable System: If you want to perform Reset this PC  function on your system with the option of Keep my files on the device, you have to perform the double reboot. One would be of course the normal one while the second one is to ensure the smooth functioning of Reserved Storage.

Some Other Known Issues of this Build:
  • On the sign-in screen, the network button is not functioning.
  • After upgrade, the creative X-Fi sound cards are not working properly.
  • If you want to open the Action Center, you will notice the quick action section is not displaying.
  • In this insider preview (fast ring), the Night light functionality is hampered by the update. The IT experts are working to resolve this problem and probably sort this out in an upcoming build.
  • The use of specific items like filtering protection history is not working properly. The reason behind this trouble is certain text would be either missing or not presently correct under Windows Security app.
  • Sometimes, if you are trying to update the build 18312 the certain S Mode devices will get downloaded and reboot your PC. However, this won’t update the file.
  •  In build 18312, you cannot see the history of the successful update under the Windows Update section. If that’s the case, you will several logged installation for the same upgrade in the history section
  • When fewer users are registered in the Microsoft Intune, they are unable to get the policies. If they have received it but didn’t apply and left this in “pending” state on the server. To solve this issue you need to go to the Settings/Accounts/Access work or school and “Disconnect” your Azure AD account and register it again.

Known issues for Developers

After installation of the recent build 18312 Fast Ring, there are some issues while moving to the slow ring:

Here you will see the optional content like enabling developer mode is failed. However, you can install only those builds which are specified for the particular ring. Therefore if you want to add/ install/ or enable the content, you should persist on the fast ring.

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