How to Fix Activation Error 0xc004f034 on Windows 10

Windows 10 Activation Error 0xc004f034 is an error code that appears while trying to activate the Windows version. At this time, you don’t need to worry as it is not any type of problematic issue. It shows that you are not able to continue the process because the activation server is currently undergoing a maintenance period.

Most of the time this type of activation error gets resolved automatically. You only need to wait patiently until the servers are available again. However, if you don’t wanna wait then read this post and try the fixes mentioned in this post. These solutions might help to overcome the error code 0xc004f034 on Windows 10 PC. 


Upon encountering this error code, you might get an error message as well that reads the following –

We can't activate Windows on this device right now. You can try activating again later or go to the Store to buy genuine Windows.
Error code: 0xc004f034 

4 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Activation Error 0xc004f034

To fix Windows 10 Activation Error 0xc004f034, try the below instructions –

1] Run the Activation Troubleshooter

The first step you need to fix this problem is running an activation troubleshooter and then restarting your computer. According to the users’ report, this method effectively works for some kind of licensing restriction issue. So, here is exactly what you have to do: 

  • Press Windows + I shortcut key to open the Windows Settings.
  • Select Update & Security > Activation tab.
  • Go to the right panel and click on the Troubleshoot link. This will start inspecting your activation for any incompatibility. 


  • Once it detects any activation problems, click Apply this fix to use the repair strategy.
  • Then follow the on-screen guidelines to apply the fix.
  • Restart your computer and try to activate your Windows license again.
  • If the problem is fixed now then good otherwise try the next method below.

2] Click the Activate button multiple times

This method is especially helpful if your activation issue was triggered by faulty PC settings, hardware problems, and some other issues on your end. Here’s a quick guide you can try –

  • Right-click on the Start menu and select Run from the power user menu. 
  • In the Run dialog box, type ms-settings:activation and hit Enter.
  • Move to the right pane and click the Activate button continually (around 8-10 times).
  • Now open the Activation settings and try to activate your Windows license.
  • If the problem is still persisting, move down to the next workaround. 

3] Create a batch file

Another method you can try to fix the activation error is to create a batch file in Notepad and then run it to get your Windows 10 activated. Here is how to do –

  • First of all, log in to Windows 10 with all the administrative rights.
  • Click on the Start button and type Notepad.
  • Select the result from the search results.
  • In the Notepad window, copy and paste the given text code –
@echo off
cscript /nologo slmgr.vbs /ato
if errorlevel 0 goto end
goto loop
echo Activation was successful. Press any key to close this window.

Activation Error 0xc004f034

  • Now click on the File menu and select “Save as” from the menu list.
  • In the Save as dialog, select the location where you want to save the batch file.
  • Save this file in “.BAT” format, such as Windows10Activation.BAT.

4] Run SLUI 4 command

If none of the above methods work to solve the error code 0xc004f034, it might be beyond your control. In such a case, you can better contact Microsoft support and ask them for their help. 

  • Open the Run dialog box using the Windows+R shortcut key.
  • Type SLUI 4 in the text field and hit Enter.
  • On the next page, select your country or region and hit Next.
  • Now make a call on the numbers available there to contact Microsoft Support.
  • Follow the guidelines given by the agent to fix the problem.


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