How do I update Minecraft in Windows 11 or 10 PC

Minecraft is no doubt the world’s leading game on Windows 10 and people of all ages love to play this game. Recently, the developers release an update to this game i.e. Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update. Moreover, this new update brings some major fixes to the game, improving its gameplay along with making Minecraft more stable. 

Usually, Gamers receive an update the moment they start this game. However, sometimes this may take forever to get your hands on the latest version. If that’s the case, you must be thinking of ways to manually update Minecraft in Windows 10. Well, in this guide, we present three different ways to upgrade this gameplay. Let’s explore these methods in detail –

Update Minecraft

Three Ways to Update Minecraft in Windows 11/10

To update Minecraft on Windows 11 or 10 PC, try any of the below suggestions –

Methods List

1] Update Minecraft via Microsoft Store App

Microsoft Store is the default application on Windows 10/11 to download or update any program including Minecraft. If you want to update Minecraft via Windows Store, follow these quick and easy steps – 

  • Launch the Microsoft Store app.
  • Click the three dots icon (···) at the top right corner and select “Downloads and updates“.

update Minecraft in Windows 10

  • This will open the Downloads section inside “My Library”. On Windows 11 PC, you may find this setting on the left column when you start Microsoft Store.
  • If there is any pending update available for Minecraft, you may see a down arrow next to it.
  • Hit this icon and the download starts immediately afterward. 

Note: If you don’t find the down arrow key anywhere on the Store interface, click Get Updates.

update Minecraft in Windows 10

This may take a few minutes to search for an available update. When it displays any latest release for Minecraft, download/ install the same.  

2] Update Minecraft via UWP

The second best tool to update Minecraft is to reinstall the game itself. By doing so, you will get the latest version and thus you won’t require any updates to do. Here’s how to proceed –

  • At first, reach out to the below destination –

Settings > Apps > Apps & Features

  • On the right pane, scroll down and locate the Minecraft application. 
  • After you find this app, click to expand its box and hit Uninstall.
  • When the confirmation window comes into view, tap Uninstall again.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions to remove this app.

Note: Do Restart your PC to remove any remaining files.

  • When the Windows reloads, go to the Microsoft Store and search for Minecraft.
  • Once you are there, hit the Get button. The system will perform a compatibility check and if none is found, download and install Minecraft.
  • That’s it, you are now on an updated version of this game. 

3] Reinstall Minecraft using the Java Edition

Gamers may also update Minecraft by reinstalling the Java Edition. To do this, follow the below steps –

  • Jointly press Win + Pause/break to launch the Control Panel.
  • Hit Control Panel home > Programs > Programs & Features.
  • Locate and put right-click on the Minecraft game and hit Uninstall.

Uninstall Programs via Control Panel

If you don’t find this game at the above address, you may find this here –

  • Press Win+I to invoke the File Explorer.
  • Copy/paste “%appdata%” on the address bar and hit Enter

Tip: In case you don’t find any folder at this location, make sure to enable “Show Hidden Files“. 

  • Under AppData > Roaming folder, look for the Minecraft folder.

AppData Roaming

  • Once found, right-click on the folder and hit Delete.
  • After the game uninstalls, Reboot Windows to delete any leftover files.
  • Sign back into your device, and reinstall the Minecraft game app.
  • When the installation completes, click twice on its icon to start the Microsoft Launcher.
  • Now, log in to Minecraft and click the Play button available in the Update Notes tab. 

Force Update Minecraft – Java Edition

There’s another method by which Windows 10 users can force update Minecraft. Here’s how to perform this task –

  • First of all, start the Minecraft Launcher.
  • Click Options thereafter Force update
  • Next, hit Login to upgrade the Minecraft game. 
  • After the update process finishes hit Done.

Why is my Minecraft Windows 10 not updating?

If the Minecraft game is not updating on your Windows 11 or 10 PC, you may apply the below workarounds and see if this resolves the updating issue. 

  • Reset Minecraft: Go to Settings > Apps > Apps and Features, and locate Minecraft. When found, click the three dots available on its right end and select Advanced options. On the subsequent screen, scroll down to the Reset section and hit the Repair button first. In case Minecraft is still not updating, you better hit the Reset button.
  • Reinstall Minecraft: Re-visit the path mentioned above, however, this time hit the uninstall button instead of the Advanced options. After the game uninstalls successfully, restart your PC. Sign back into your device again and download/install the Minecraft game again on your PC. Hopefully, this will work effortlessly and update without any issues.