Get top Windows 10 themes of September 2019 [Download]

Today, we will discourse top Windows 10 themes that came in September 2019 – Aspiration PREMIUM and Japanese Landscapes. The first one is a 4K Windows 10 theme which inspires everyone to be at their best or at least try to reach their goals. Similarly, the Japanese landscape is a beautiful Windows 10 theme that portrays the scenery of Japan throughout different seasons.

You can download and apply Aspiration premium or Japanese landscapes on at least 10 different devices. All you require is to sign in using your login id and password then download and apply the specific Windows 10 themes on your Display Screen. Here, in this blog post, we discuss the basic details about each theme like RAM, approximate size and System Requirements. Let’s explore them in somewhat more detail-

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Download Windows 10 themes of September 2019

Here, we discuss the top two astounding Windows 10 themes of September 2019. They are-

1} Aspiration PREMIUM

Microsoft rolls Aspiration premium Windows 10 themes for 4k image lovers on 18th Sept 2019. This theme inspires those who try to reach their best or participates in one’s success. Furthermore, it depicts the efforts of 10 achievers in ten different wallpapers. However, you can use these images for decorating your Desktop only. 

All these remarkable pictures are available at free of cost that you may apply on 10 distinct Windows 10 PCs. Being 31.71 MB in size, this is a must to have Windows 10 theme for your system. You can avail Aspiration premium wallpapers easily by visiting the link provided below. 

Windows 10 themes of September 2019

You can use this link to get a copy of Aspiration Premium.

2} Japanese Landscapes

As its name suggests, Japanese Landscapes provide a free tour of the pleasing scenery of Japan through different seasons. The company rolls this lightweight theme (approx size – 15.13 MB) on 16th Sept 2019. This comprises 15 attractive wallpapers, all available for free to Windows 10 users. They may use Japanese Landscapes Windows 10 theme on at least 10 different PCs for Desktop Wallpapers purpose only. 

Japanese Landscapes

You can use this link to download Japanese Landscapes.

3} Lake Baikal 

The Company collects the natural beauty of the surrounding near of the Siberia, Russia and embed the same into a remarkable Windows 10 theme. Lake Baikal, as in reality, portrays the deepest – freshwater lake of the world. There are fifteen superb wallpapers that you will have access to after downloading and applying this theme as the default one. This personalization app embellishes your Desktop Screen with cool images.

Occupying only 14.65 MB space on your HDD, this is a light-weight theme that provides immense beauty and greenery of Siberia. People of all ages can download this theme as there is no age restriction. Just sign in using your Microsoft credentials and save a copy for your PC.

Lake Baikal

You can use this link to download and apply the Lake Baikal theme. 

4} Architectural Structures PREMIUM

Microsoft rolls Architectural Structures PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme for users who love and appreciate beautiful architectures. This theme portrays different types of architectonics whether it is squared, curved, small-scale or soaring. Further, it comprises 10 premium M365 4K wallpapers of angled artistries, perfect color-combinations and much more. However, you can use all such images for Desktop wallpaper purposes only. 

Architectural Structures PREMIUM is a pretty medium-weight Windows 10 theme when compared to others as it occupies 24.85 MB space of HDD. There is no age restriction to use this theme and is available in English (US) language. You may use this personalization app on up to ten Windows 10 devices by signing into your Microsoft account.

Architectural Structures PREMIUM

You can use this link in order to download and apply the Architectural Structures PREMIUM Theme.

How to get these themes

Here, we discuss the necessary steps to download and apply Japanese Landscapes/ Aspiration PREMIUM/ Lake Baikal/ Architectural Structures on your Desktop-

  • At first, launch the Microsoft Store app.
  • Next, enter the theme’s name in the search field and tap the Enter Key.
  • Succeeding this press the Get button. Thereupon, use your Microsoft credentials to log in to your personal account. 
  • After you sign in, press the Get button again followed by Apply to download the particular theme.
  • Next, navigate to the following path-

Start → Settings → Personalization → Themes

  • Finally, choose the recently downloaded item and set it as the default theme.

In case, you want to optimize the Start Screen color as per the current theme, go to the following address-

Start → Settings → Personalization → Colors 

Lastly, go to the right panel and turn on the checkbox against “Automatically select a primary color from the background”.

Minimum System Requirements

Here are the minimum prerequisites that you must fulfill to have the above themes on your PC-

  • Windows OS version: Version 14951.0 or higher ones.
  • Architect Support: x86, x64, ARM, and ARM64.
  • Age Rating: All ages.