How to Get the Latest Coronavirus Updates in Windows 10

Microsoft added a new feature for Windows 10 users – Get the Latest Coronavirus Updates. You can avail of this functionality by clicking the Search bar on your computer. Furthermore, this includes two important sections – “View Interactive Maps” and “See Headlines”. 

The first one opens under COVID-19 Tracker by Bing in the Microsoft Edge browser. Here, you will get an accurate figure about the coronavirus cases in terms of total, active, recovered, and fatal. To see the local or global news on this pandemic, go to the headlines section. Just open the Search UI and check what’s happening around the globe during COVID-19. 

Get the Latest Coronavirus Updates in Windows 10

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How to Check the latest Coronavirus Updates in Windows 10

To get the latest coronavirus updates on Windows 10, use the following steps –

  • Click the search icon available on the Taskbar. Alternatively, you may use the Win+Q shortcut keys.
  • When the search window opens up, you can see “Get the latest Coronavirus updates” under What’s happening section.
  • There are two options available here – “View interactive map” and “See headlines“. The details about each section are elaborated below –

View Interactive Map

Clicking on this button will redirect you to the COVID-19 Tracker powered by Bing on Edge Browser. Here, the data appear based on your geo-location enlisting total confirmed cases, active cases, recovered cases, and the Fatal ones. In addition to this, there appears a map on which you can manually navigate to the desired location. 

View Interactive Map

Besides, there’s an option “Filter to a location” that seems to be pretty useful. All you need is to type in any city name and this will pinpoint the location along with the data you seek. 

At the top right corner, there are three separate tabs – Overview, News & Videos, and Graphs. Here are details about each section –

  • Overview – This is the default tab while reaching to the Interactive Map.
  • News & Videos – Here, you can read the latest news by popular newspapers or the widely viewed videos. 
  • Graphs – This section displays the exact coronavirus figures at the filtered location.

See Headlines

As its name suggests, clicking on this button will display the coronavirus news by different Media Outlets at MSN news. You can browse through several COVID-19 related information be it political, WHO, regional, Myth Buster, and others. 

Note: If you don’t want to get the latest information about this pandemic, just click the cross button (X). Windows 10 will save your settings and simply hide this panel.