Get New File Explorer, Start Menu in Windows 10 19H1 build 18305

Microsoft has lately released a new version i.e. 19H1 build 18305 for Windows 10 users. This build brings lots of new features like File Explorer icon, Start Menu, Notepad, etc. in addition to simple and light theme. Apart from these features, the Insider preview is also available now to set up security keys so that logging into applications could be done right from the Settings app.

19H1 build 18305

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What’s new in Windows 10 19H1 build 18305

Improved sign-in options

Windows build 18305 has brought a distinct sign-in process through the settings app. Now it provides enhanced visual clarity which is quite handy for each and every one. There are some unique features added to the settings app like easy set up of security keys while login into the application.

File Explorer improvements

With the onset of Windows build 18305, the icon of the File Explorer icon is changed which looks quite lavish.

Updating the default downloads folder sorting

Sometimes it is very hard to remember all the downloaded files name when they are arranged in alphabetically order. With this build, Microsoft has also updated the download list. The recently downloaded files will appear on the top in the list thus making the process of looking for new apps easy and smooth if someone forgets which files are downloaded lately.

Start menu improvements

There is a fluent change made in the Start menu with Windows 10 v19H1. Over the last some weeks, Microsoft is rolling out the unpin group and folder via a new context menu. With the built 18305, you can avail all Insider fast rings again.

Touch keyboard improvements

There has been great news for touch keyboard users as well with this new release of Windows. Microsoft has worked upon the user’s feedback and improved the touch keyboard. With this update, it adjusts the expected letter dynamically when the fingers miss the actual key. As a result, you can type more accurately and faster as compared to the previous Insider.

Console updates

With the Windows 10 build 18305, a new tab is added under the Console window known as “Terminal”. This tab is located under the properties page of the Console window. It now provides tonnes of new settings and features.

Notepad updates

The notepad app is also upgraded with the Windows 10 build 18305. You can now save files in UTF-8 without a Byte Order Mark and make this file default new.  Now Notepad app contains (*) mark at the title bar which indicates that the document is unsaved. This is obviously a great thing incorporated by Windows Developers.

With the release of Windows 10 19H1, you can directly send your feedback using Notepad. Just click on the Help tab then select Feedback. Here type your opinion and send it directly to the product team.