Fix: “You don’t have permission to build here” bug in Minecraft

Several Minecraft users have reported that they experience the login error You don’t have permission to build here on Windows 10 PC. This issue may appear in any of the Minecraft versions that came so far. Today, in this blog post, we see the prime reasons and discuss some probable workarounds to fix this frustrating login failed issue

Among different reasons that may start this bug, the presence of corrupt plugins, WorldGuard plugin settings, and essential configurations set as “False” erupt this error message. All you need is to moderate these setups and re-configure Essential settings to solve the above conflict. 

Fix You don’t have permission to build here bug in Minecraft

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You don’t have permission to build here issue in Minecraft -Solutions

Here we have elaborated quick and easy workarounds to fix You don’t have permission to build here issue in Minecraft.

1} Disable and Re-enable all the plug-ins that you are using

Sometimes, installed plugins are the root causes to generate permission issues. Hence, you should disable all such assemblage thereafter enable them again. Just follow these required steps-

Step-1: At first, select any one of the suspected plugins and disable the same.

Step-2: Now sign in to the Minecraft game and check if the error has solved or not.

Step-3: If the error continues to persist, repeat Step 1 and 2 until you find the faulty plugin.

Step-4: Thereupon, uninstall the corrupt plugin and fresh install its latest version.

Step-5: Now, enable all the previously disabled plug-in and try to connect to the Minecraft again. You may use the game app without receiving the above “permission build” bug. 

2} Change the settings inside the WorldGuard plug-in

Sometimes, when the WorldGuard plugin is set as per the particular region, it may erupt a similar issue in Minecraft. Here are the steps-

    1. At first, launch the WorldGuard plugin and explore the command string.
    2. Subsequently, right-click on the block option and check whether it displays a region.
    3. If indeed, it is occurring due to the above reason.
    4. Just change the region status and this will address the “You don’t have permission to build here” issue in Minecraft.

3} Use Essentials Configuration

To resolve the build issues, you should use the proper configuration inside Minecraft. Here’s how to proceed-

  • Initially, open the Essentials Configuration window in Minecraft.
  • On the new window, scroll the cursor down and locate the Essentials AntiBuild section.
  • Next, go to the Build option and ensure this is set as “False”.
  • In case this tool is positioned as “True”, implies that the player requires Essential Build permission. 

Note: Alternatively, you can also set all the concern groups as per the permanent command.

We hope, our solution helps to solve the You don’t have permission to build here issue in Minecraft and you may play games without any interruption.