Fix: Xbox One Error 0x80a40014, Your Microsoft Account has been locked

Some Xbox One users came across an error “Your account has been locked” with an error code 0x80a40014 that prevents them from accessing any digitally owned games. This error code has been reported when users were trying to log in with their Microsoft account on their console.

There are multiple things responsible for this problem like the server-side problem, locally stored cache file, repeated failed sign-up attempts, and others. So, if you’re also facing such an issue on your Xbox One, then there are some solutions we have compiled to fix this issue.

Error 0x80a40014

How to Fix Xbox One Error 0x80a40014

To fix Xbox One Error 0x80a40014, use the following workaround –

1. Check Xbox Live servers status

Before you try the other solutions, you must know that this might be a server-side problem. If it’s the case, then it is beyond your control and you can do nothing except waiting. In this scenario, Microsoft blocks those accounts that show false positives. You can go to the Microsoft Xbox Live status website and check if all the services are running properly.

2. Turn on the Offline Mode feature

If this is indeed a Microsoft server-side issue, even so, there is a way that you can use to avoid this issue completely. Here the solution is to switch your console to Offline mode and can enjoy your Xbox One device without any issue.

However, those features that require an internet connection to work might not be accessible in this mode. For example – multiplayer games, streaming services. To enter the Offline mode, use the below steps –

  • Press the Xbox button.
  • Go to Settings > System > Settings > Network.
  • Select Network settings from the left side.
  • Click on Go offline and using your controller, press the A button.
  • Now click the Yes button to confirm the changes.
  • At last, restart the console to use the console in Offline mode.

3. Delete your Xbox profile and add it again

As it turns out, locally stored cache files might be the main reason to cause this error code. These files mislead the console operating system that the account is locked and unavailable. In this case, it’s advisable to delete your Xbox profile and perform the power cycling process, and then re-add your Profile. Here is how to do this –

  • First of all, power on your console.
  • Then press the Xbox button located on your controller.
  • Now go to Settings, select All Settings, and then press the A button.
  • On the Settings page, click on the Accounts section
  • Then go to the right pane, and select the Remove accounts option.
  • Now choose the profile (or account) that you want to remove.
  • On the next prompt, confirm the removal process. 
  • Now close the guide menu and return to your dashboard page. 
  • Press the Xbox button on your console either for 10 seconds or you can release it when you see the LED light stop flashing. Note: In this step, make sure to press the Xbox button on your console, not on your controller.
  •  Wait for at least 60 seconds and then power on your console to complete the power cycling procedure. 

Now power on your console. If it asks to log in with your Microsoft account, do so and check if Xbox error 0x80a40014 is solved.

4. Contact the Xbox support

If none of the above workarounds worked for you, then as a last resort, contact the support team of Xbox and ask them to solve the error code. 

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