How to Fix Xbox Error 0x80a40401

Error 0x80a40401 in Xbox is Service Unavailable Error and it means that you are in a region where a particular service is not available. If that’s indeed the case, you don’t have any solution for this except restarting your network router. 

There’s one additional solution as well and it requires setting up a third-party DNS server on your Xbox console. Go for this method only when it is essential to access your gaming console and no other methods are working for you.

Fix Xbox Error 0x80a40401

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Solved Xbox Error 0x80a40401 

Here are the two fixes that you may attempt and fix the error code 0x80a40401 on your Xbox console. 

1. Restart Your Router

If you do reside in a region where a particular service is available and yet you are receiving an error 0x80a40401, this must be due to some network glitches.

What you may do is restart your router or modem from which you are accessing the network and check if this error code resolves this way. You may also go for resetting your router/modem if the restart method doesn’t help. 

2. Change your DNS settings

Hopefully, the error 0x80a40401 must have been resolved by resetting your network adapter. In case you are still facing the same issue, you may consider changing the DNS address of your gaming console. 

This method will set up a third-party DNS on your Xbox console. Hence, go for this solution only when you think it is important. Here’s how to modify the DNS address inside your Xbox console –

  •  Press the Xbox button on your controller. Doing so will open the Guide menu.
  • Go to Settings > General > Network Settings and click on Advanced Settings
  • Moving forward, select the DNS Settings option. 
  • Select the Manual option and manually change the DNS Server.
  • Inside the Primary IPv4 DNS box, enter the following address and press the forward arrow button.

  • Click to expand the Additional/Secondary IPv4 DNS address. When this opens up, enter the following address inside it and press the forward button next to it.

  • Close the settings window and restart your gaming console. 

When the Xbox console restarts, check if you can access Xbox Live again and play the games that were earlier resulting in an error 0x80a40401. 

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