How to Fix Xbox Error 0x8007013d

In this guide, we will cover why an error 0x8007013d appears while installing a game, upgrading it, or opening it on Xbox One console or even Windows PC. Apart from the most probable causes, we will also look into four ways that might help to overcome this issue on your gaming console. 

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Upon encountering this issue on your Xbox console, you may receive an error message as well that reads the following –

"Something went wrong. Give it another try. ……"

How to Fix - Xbox Error 0x8007013d

What causes Xbox Error 0x8007013d?

In general, users may encounter this issue when their devices meet one or more of the following conditions –

  • Server Outage or when the related services are down
  • Network issues
  • A faulty game or app installation

Fix – Xbox Error 0x8007013d 

If you are getting an error 0x8007013d while starting the Xbox console or playing games on it, attempt these fixes to resolve this issue. 

1] Check Xbox Server status

The Xbox errors mostly appear when there is a server outage or any service down worldwide. It is quite easy to check whether any service is down or not by visiting the Xbox status page.

When you visit the Xbox support page, expand all services one by one and check if any internal service is not up or not running. If any service is indeed not running, you will find a notification beside it. Wait for that particular service to be up and running and only then, try again to play any game on the Xbox One console. 

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2] Restart Xbox One Console/ Windows PC

The error 0x8007013d often appears because of internal glitches on the Xbox console. So, it is required of you to shut down and reboot your gaming console or the device (where you are trying to play the game).

Here’s how to reset Xbox One console

  • Press and hold down the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller.
  • Select Restart console and hit the Restart button.
  • In case the console appears to be frozen, press and hold the Xbox button for at least 10 seconds until the console turns off.
  • Remove the power cable and wait for the next 30 seconds.
  • Reconnect the power cable back to the power source after the wait is over. 
  • Press and hold the Xbox button to start the gaming console.
  • While the Xbox One is loading, you should hear two power-up tones. 
  • In case you don’t hear any power-up sound, restart the gaming console again. 
  • Use your Microsoft account credentials to log into your Xbox One account. 

To reset Xbox on Windows PC, do the following

If you are facing this issue on your Windows PC, reboot your device. In case your device appears to be frozen, press and hold the Power key and wait for 10 seconds until your PC turns off. Wait for the next 30 seconds, and hit the Power key again to restart your computer. 

3] Clear and Reset Mac address

Any issues with the Mac address might also trigger an error code 0x8007013d on your Xbox One console or Windows PC. You are never sure whether this indeed is the case or not. To confirm it, consider changing the Mac address for once. Here’s how you may perform this task –

  • First of all, launch the Xbox console.
  • Select Settings and then browse to the below path –

Network Settings > Advanced settings

  • On the subsequent page, click on Alternate Mac address.
  • Click Clear to purge the existing Mac address.
  • Restart your Xbox One/Windows PC next to confirm this configuration. 

4] Uninstall/Reinstall the problematic game

At times, the error 0x8007013d is subject to a particular game only and this appears only when you install or try playing that specific one or two games. If that’s the case, you should uninstall that game and see if the error resolves.

Here’s how to uninstall a game on Xbox console –

  • Launch Xbox One and go to My games & apps.
  • Select the game that is causing an error code 0x8007013d on the gaming console or PC.
  • Right-click on that game and choose the option – Uninstall.
  • If any confirmation window pops up, hit uninstall again.
  • Select Network settings next and hit Go offline.
  • In case you do have a disc featuring that game, install that game while remaining offline.
  • After you reinstall that game, re-visit the below path, and opt to – “Go online“.

Settings > Network settings

  • If the error resolves after this, you may consider upgrading the current build version of that particular game or app. 

I hope this article indeed helps to overcome the Error 0x8007013d on your Xbox One Console or Windows 11/10 PC. 

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