How to Fix Webcam Error 0xA00F4271 in Windows 10

Did you recently encounter the 0xA00F4271 (0x80070001) error while launching your webcam on Windows 10? If yes, then follow our five working ways in order to fix such errors. Corrupted Webcam drivers and turned off essential Camera settings are some of the main reasons that may cause this issue in the first place.

This error may also occur due to some corruption inside the applications downloaded from Microsoft Store. Whatever the reasons behind the 0xA00F4271 bug, you may resolve this by following these solutions –

Webcam Error 0xA00F4271 Solutions

If error code 0xA00F4271 is appearing whenever you are trying to utilize your webcam, you may try out the below workarounds –

1] Modify the Camera Settings

  • Press Win + S to launch the Search app.
  • Type “Camera privacy setting” and click the well-matching result. 
  • If the camera access for the device is OFF, and then turn it ON.
  • Slide the “Allow apps to access your camera” toggle switch to the right. 

Webcam Error 0xA00F4271

  • Make sure to enable the particular webcam app that you were trying to utilize the camera. You may find this under the “Choose which apps can access your camera” section. 
  • At last, restart your computer to confirm the above changes. 

2] Update PC Webcam Driver 

Webcam-related problems mainly occur due to driver issues. In order to fix this, you must keep the drivers up to date. Here’s how to update drivers on Windows 10 PC –

  • Launch Control Panel.
  • Type “device manager” in the search bar available on the right-top corner.
  • Select the appropriate link.
  • Click to expand Cameras, right-click on the available driver, and choose to update driver.

Webcam Error 0xA00F4271 - update driver

  • Subsequently, click “Search automatically for updated driver software” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the remaining steps.

After updating the camera driver, Reboot your PC and check if this resolved the 0xA00F4271 issue or not.

3] Run Microsoft App Troubleshooter

Sometimes, the 0xA00F4271 error may also arise due to conflicts with the Store apps. In order to fix this, you may troubleshoot the Microsoft Store app using the following steps –

  • Press Win + I to launch the Settings App.
  • Enter “Troubleshoot” in the search box and click “Troubleshoot settings”.
  • On the right pane, click the Additional troubleshooters link.
  • Select “Windows store apps” inside “Find and fix other problems” and hit “Run the troubleshooter”.

Store Apps Troubleshooter

  • Go through the resolution provided by the troubleshooter.
  • Restart your PC so that changes made become effective.

4] Hardware Troubleshooting

It’s quite possible that it’s your hardware to blame for webcam error 0xA00F4271. So, make sure to troubleshoot the hardware as well.

  • Open the “setting” app by clicking on the windows logo located at the bottom left part of your screen and click on the gear icon just above the power button. 
  • Go to the “Update and Security” and open it. Navigate to the Troubleshoot submenu and click Additional troubleshooter on the right pane. 

Webcam Error 0xA00F4271 - Troubleshoot

  • Under the “Find and fix other problems” section, look for the Hardware and Devices option.
  • Click to expand its box and hit Run the troubleshooter
  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the remaining steps. 
  • Lastly, Restart your computer to implement the above changes. 
Note: Windows 10 20H1 & 20H2 users may not find the Hardware and Devices option. We suggest such users trying out the next set of solutions.

5] Modify the registry

There is a possibility of fixing the webcam error 0xA00F4271 by modifying the registry. Here’s how to edit the registry by following the below guideline –

  • Open Run by pressing the Windows key + R. Type regedit in the search field and hit OK.
  • Next, browse to the below location –

HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432NodeMicrosoftWindows Media Foundation

  • Double click the “Windows Media Foundation” folder on the left pane.
  • On the adjacent pane, right-click anywhere and proceed as follows –  “New > DWORD” (32-bit) value.
  • Enter “EnableFrameServerMode” as the title for the new DWORD.
  • Thereafter double-click EnableFrameServerMode entry.
  • Input 0 in the Value data box, and click the OK button again.
  • Restart Windows 10 after editing the registry to incorporate the recent changes. 

6] Update Windows 10

If none of the above methods resolve the 0xA00F4271 error on your device, just download and install the latest cumulative update. Here’s how to perform this task –

  • Open Search UI by pressing the “Windows key + Q” keyboard shortcut.
  • Type “update” and click “Check for update”.
  • Wait for Windows 10 to report any pending updates.
  • If there indeed lies any, download and install the same. 

After upgrading Windows 10, check if this resolves the issue or not. If yes, let us know what was your problem and which solution worked for you in the comment section.