How to fix the BSOD Error 0xc0000225 in windows 10

Windows 10 users face this BSOD Error 0xc0000225 after installing 19H1 May 2019 Update owing to different reasons. This trouble occurs suddenly and lets your System stuck in a loop that won’t display the login screen. The corrupt registry, malware attack, obsolete core files, unsuccessful attempt to update BCD codes may result in this blue screen of death error. A few times, when the PC doesn’t identify the recent changes like installing a new app or update in the device driver may also start causing this bug.

Today, in this blog post, we discuss different possible workarounds to repair this BSOD error. Scan full malware, roll-back the recently installed application and device driver, running SFC, Check disk command, and using System Restore will help you to repair the Windows files. Additionally, Perform Automatic Windows Repair, rebuild BCD codes, Reset the partition and clean install the Windows 10 may do the needful task to Fix BSOD Error 0xc0000225 on Windows 10. If the issue is still available, this is due to obsolete hardware, so replacing this only will fix this bug check. 

Fix – BSOD Error 0xc0000225 Windows 10 Solutions

Here, we have discoursed the step-wise workarounds to quickly fix the BSOD Error 0xc0000225 on Windows 10 PC-

Before going to proceed with any below fixes, keep your Media Creation Tool ready. This is necessary as BSOD Error 0xc0000225 has already stuck the Windows OS and you won’t get the login screen. If you don’t have the Windows installation media, you need to create it manually by visiting the Microsoft official website and save a copy for yourself.

List of Contents
  1. Perform a Full Scan of Windows
  2. Rollback the device driver
  3. Uninstall recently installed apps
  4. Perform System File Checker Command
  5. Scan the disk performance
  6. Use System Restore 
  7. Perform Windows Automatic Repair
  8. Rebuild Boot Configuration Data (BCD)
  9. Set Active Partition
  10. Clean install Windows 10
  11. Faulty Hardware

Open the System in Safe Mode

Since this is a Blue Screen of Death type error, you simply can’t access the login screen. As a result, you are unable to run any troubleshooting methods. The only way to overcome this issue is to start the computer in Safe Mode. Just follow these guidelines to enter safe mode-

Step-1: At first, attach the Windows Installation Media (USB or Flash drive) to its respective port.

Step-2: Hold the Power button approx for 5 seconds until the system completely turns off.

Step-3: Further, restart your PC 2-3 times unless you get the Preparing Automatic Repair screen.

Step-4: Here, under diagnosing window select Advanced options.

BSOD Error 0xc0000225

Step-5: Again under Windows Recovery Environment, hit Troubleshoot thereafter Advanced options again. 

BSOD Error 0xc0000225  

Step-6: Afterward, select Startup settings on the upcoming page then Restart button.

Step-7: Succeeding that select the Safe Mode with Networking using the function keys from the list of available options.

Safe Mode

1. Perform a Full Scan of Windows

The Trojan attack is one of the prime reasons that arise the BSOD Error 0xc0000225 on your PC. It randomly enters the PC while browsing websites or through a USB flash device. After entering, this hampers the system files and sometimes even damages the hardware components. Owing to this, the blue screen of death error appears. Follow the below outline to resolve this trouble-

  • Go to the notification pane on the taskbar and tap the Windows Security (shield icon).
  • When this desktop app appears, hit Virus & threat protection thereafter Scan Options.

BSOD Error 0xc0000225

  • Thereupon, check the Full Scan radio button, scroll down and hit the Scan Now button.

Full Scan

  • Wait till the Windows capture and eliminate the virus, if any exist.
  • Once this process gets over, Reboot your computer normally. You may not experience the BSOD error afterward.

2. Rollback the device driver

If you have installed a corrupt device driver on your system erroneously, this may result in such BSOD Errors. Hence, you must roll back the latest updates following these guidelines-

  • Perform a right-click on the Start and choose the Device Manager on the Power Menu.
  • From the list of categories, locate and expand the driver whichever you have recently updated.
  • Next, right-click on that one and choose Properties option from the drop-down menu.

BSOD Error 0xc0000225

  • When the new window launches, tap the Driver tab.
  • Further, move at the bottom and hit Roll Back driver followed by the OK button.

Roll back device driver

  • If any confirmation message appears, tap Yes.
  • After the system removes the specific driver successfully, Restart the computer so that changes performed so far come into effect. 

3. Uninstall recently installed apps

Sometimes newly installed software may arise this bug check like BSOD Error 0xc0000225. Removing such programs might help to diagnose the problem. Here are the essential steps-

  • Jointly press Win & I hotkey altogether to invoke the Settings app.
  • Click Apps category afterward Apps & Features on the left pane.
  • Jump to the right-hand side, scroll down the cursor and locate the apps that you have recently installed.
  • Once found, do the click on it and hit the Uninstall button.
  • You may receive a confirmation dialog, click Uninstall again to confirm your action.

BSOD Error 0xc0000225

After removing the recent applications, Reboot your PC normally. This may resolve the BSOD error. 

4. Perform System File Checker Command

SFC command is the best in-built tool of Windows 10 to detect the corrupt system files and repair them without hampering other docs. Here’s how to run this utility-

  • Press Win Logo and R together to launch Run dialog.
  • In the text box, type cmd and simultaneously press Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys to cite Command Prompt as an Admin.
  • If UAC prompts, tap Yes. Next, on the elevated prompt, type sfc/scannnow and hit the Enter key.

SFC Scan

  • The above procedure will take several minutes to complete the scanning & repairing core files, so wait accordingly.
  • Once the console displays 100% complete verification, Restart your PC in normal mode. 

5. Scan the disk performance

When the root drive is not working properly, this may arise BSOD error 0xc0000225 or similar bugs. To avoid this issue, one needs to check the disk’s health performance by following these instructions-

  • At first, do the click on the Search icon and type Command Prompt.
  • Right-click on the well-matching result and choose Run as Administrator.
  • There appears the User Account Control screen, select Yes to go ahead.
  • Type the following command near the winking cursor followed by the Enter Key. 
chkdsk c: /r

Check disk

Here, C: denotes the root drive of Windows. If you are having Windows 10 installed on a different drive, just replace this letter by the letter of your root drive. 

Note: If you receive a new message asking to reboot, press Y to allow it.

  • Keep patience until the system finishes the whole scanning work.
  • Once the above task is over, Restart your PC again to confirm the changes made so far.

6. Use System Restore 

If the BSOD error 0xc0000225 is still occurring for whatsoever reasons, launching an earlier System Restore Point will surely help you. This tool deletes the recent changes made on the computer and restores your PC to a previous point where it was working fine. Let’s explore how to use this recovery method-

Step-1: Hit the Win icon and type Restore Point. Thereupon, select the first option “Create a Restore point“.

Step-2: Once the System Properties window pops-up, tap the System Protection tab and hit System Restore button.

BSOD Error 0xc0000225

Step-3: Click the OK button available at the bottom of the page then Next to launch all restore points.

Step-4: From the list, select the recent one. Henceforth make a click on Scan for affected programs to detect whether it contains any faults or not.

Create a Restore point

Step-5: Further, hit Next to move for further processes.

Step-6: Lastly, click on the Finish option to confirm this modification.

Once you follow the Onscreen instructions, your PC will automatically switch back to the selected point and everything starts working anew.

Other Troubleshooting guides

After trying the above workarounds, if the BSOD error 0xc0000225 still exists, you should try the methods discussed in this section. This becomes very necessary if you are not able to access the Desktop Screen. They are Rebuild BCD codes, Windows Automatic repair, set active partition, and fresh install Windows 10. Let’s explore them in detail-

7. Perform Windows Automatic Repair

Running Windows Automatic Repair tool detects the underlying causes that affect your system performance. This may even the BSOD error 0xc0000225 once it finds the exact reason. Just follow the below guidelines-

  • Since this is a BIOS Mode Settings, you should first plugin the Windows installation media into the port and Restart your PC.
  • While Windows 10 OS loading, press the function key (F12, Esc or Delete) to invoke the Windows Setup page.
  • Subsequently, select the preferred language then Next to go ahead. (See Snapshot)

BSOD Error 0xc0000225

  • Further, click Install now button thereafter Repair your computer from the left bottom corner on the succeeding screen.

Install Windows 10

  • The next step is to select the Troubleshoot option. Again, choose Advanced Options from the Startup repair window. 
  • Finally, reboot your system normally and see if the BSOD Error 0xc0000225 has resolved or not.

8. Rebuild Boot Configuration Data (BCD)

The most common reason behind BSOD Error 0xc0000225 is the presence of corrupt Boot Configuration Data. Repairing these BCD files will surely help to solve the Blue Screen Of Death issue. Here are the essential steps-

  • At first, plug the USB device having the Windows Installation Media and Restart your computer.
  • When the BIOS is loading press any of the supported function keys (F2, F4, F9, Esc, Del, or more) to launch Boot Menu.
  • Under Choose an option screen, pick the Troubleshoot option thereafter Advanced options.

BSOD Error 0xc0000225

  • Now, choose Command Prompt among the different options available there.
  • When the elevated prompt appears, execute the following codes one by one-
bootrec /scanos
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd

BSOD Error 0xc0000225

  • After running all these codes successfully, Reboot your system normally. 

Performing the above steps will surely allow access to your desktop screen without causing BSOD Error 0xc0000225. In case the problem is still available, try the next workarounds.

9. Set Active Partition

Setting active partition may also help you to manage this BSOD Error 0xc0000225 on Windows 10 device. To do this, go through these steps-

  • Restart your system after plugging the Windows installation media.
  • Next, press the Windows supported function key to let open the Windows Setup page.
  • Subsequently, choose the preferred language henceforth hit the Next button to proceed ahead.
  • Thereupon, select Repair your computer option followed by Troubleshoot. (see the snapshot below)

BSOD Error 0xc0000225

  • Now from consecutive screen, choose Advanced options, thereafter Command Prompt among the six alternative tools available there.

BSOD Error 0xc0000225

  • Once the Console screen appears, type the following codes one by one and hit the Enter key at the end of each command line.
list disk

BSOD Error 0xc0000225

  • You may see the disk list with Disk 0 and 1 level in the above screenshot. Select your hard drive either 0 or 1 (mostly 0).
  • Next, execute the following command-
Select disk Z
  • Here, z is the disk number of HDD. Put the correct value and press the Enter Key.
  • To display all the partition on your hard disk again, run the below command lines one after another-
list partition
select partition Y

Once you finish the above steps successfully, Reboot your PC to save the changes made so far. 

10. Clean install Windows 10

If scanning the Windows file doesn’t repair the core files and the Blue Screen of death error still disturbs the working performance, you should clean install the Windows 10. This task is a little bit lengthy and takes huge time to perform, so go for this in your free time. 

  • Attach the USB flash device to the respective port and Restart your computer.
  • Once your PC starts loading, press the suitable function key to enter the boot mode. The function key varies from one company to another. Some of these are Esc, F12, Delete, etc.
  • On the succeeding screen, select any of the languages whichever is preferable and hit the Next button.
  • Subsequently, press the Install now followed by entering the genuine product key.
  • Moving ahead, check the box I accept the license terms and hit the Next option.

BSOD Error 0xc0000225

  • Henceforth, select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).

Clean install Windows 10

  • Here, delete all the earlier partitions available on the disk drive and re-allocate them again.

Lastly, go through the Onscreen instructions until the Windows 10 installs completely. Hope this method helps you to diagnose the BSOD error 0xc0000225.

11. Faulty Hardware

In case, all the above workarounds fail, there is a possibility of HDD of RAM being corrupt or obsolete. Hence, we advise you to replace your Hard Disk Drive. If you don’t know how to perform this, consult a professional technician.