How to fix printer error code 6a80 in windows 10

Several users have reported encountering the printer error code 6a80 on Windows 10 device at Twitter or Reddit. This fail error message mostly occurs on the Canon Pixma printer model. Once appeared, this may continuously appear even after changing the cartridge. Today, in this post, we discuss some easy tricks to resolve this bug and safeguard your printer.

The prime reasons behind such printer errors are heavy usage of the device or stuck cartridge. To fix the error 6A80, check the printer connectivity, clean its nozzle and smoothen the jam of the cartridge. Sometimes, resting the printer or performing fresh connections may also troubleshoot this issue. 

printer error code 6a80

Fix: Printer error code 6a80 in windows 10

To fix the printer error code 6a80 on windows 10 PC, use the following workarounds –

1] Re-connect the Printer

The first or foremost solution to resolve the printer issue is to make sure that the device is properly connected. Here’s how to check that –

  • Press the Power button of the printer and wait till this completely turns off.
  • Unplug its cable connection and clean the specific port.
  • Henceforth, reconnect the cables to its respective port and turn the printer On.
  • After the next login, check if the error code 6a80 is still available or not. If yes, proceed to the next solution-

2] Move the Printer Head from side to side

The other possible reason that may erupt the printer error code 6a80 is the jamming of its cartridge. To fix this, you should manually move the cartridge from left to right for at least three times. Doing this will correct the printer’s cartridge dispensing system thus resolving the underlying cause. If the bug still persists, use the below solutions. 

3] Clean the Cartridge Nozzles

The stuck cartridge nozzles may also cause this error to occur on Windows 10 device. Cleaning the cartridge nozzles will probably help to resolve the error message.

To perform this task, take a brush and scrub the nozzles where the ink lies. Now slide the cartridges carefully so as to free up the same. Once you clean the printer properly, check if the printer error 6A80 resolves or not.

Note: If you are using third-party Nozzle ink on the printer, we recommend not to use the same.

4] Remove the Paper jam

Sometimes while printing, a small chunk of paper or dust stuck on the cartridge may generate the error code 6a80. One can fix this issue by properly cleaning the printer. Here’s the complete procedure to follow – 

  • At first, unplug the printer connection and open the printer’s body.

Note: Make sure to use the protective material like gloves on your hand.

  • Now take the blower, remove the paper chunks and dust from the cartridge.
  • Set the printer again and try to print without encountering the error code 6a80.

5] Reset your printer

If the error is still available even after trying the above methods, you should try resetting the Printer. The below procedure will guide the necessary steps to work upon –

  • Turn off the Printer.
  • Hold and press the Photocopy + Stop / Reset + On and Off buttons together thereafter release the Power button.
  • When the printer is enabled, release all buttons at one go.
  • Make sure to Reboot your PC to confirm the changes.
  • Connect the device again and check whether the printer error 6a80 has resolved or not.

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