How to Fix MS Office Black Screen with Cursor

The devices with enabled hardware graphics acceleration settings often result in a partial or full black screen issue. If you are getting a black screen when using the cursor on MS Office apps (Word, Excel, Outlook, or others), this might be because of the hardware acceleration settings. 

When this problem occurs, half of the screen goes black and thus makes the data unreadable. In case you are facing this problem when opening Microsoft Office apps on Windows 11/10, follow this article to disable the hardware graphics acceleration settings.

Note: This problem doesn’t appear when opening other applications installed on your Windows 11 PC. In case this is appearing on other apps as well, the problem must be bigger in nature, and thus requires advanced fixes

What causes Office apps to go Full or Partial Black?

There’s a hardware graphics acceleration setting on MS office that is responsible for this partial or full Black Screen issue. By default, this feature is enabled on Windows 11 or 10 devices. The Black screen issue arises mainly when you use the cursor to come down to the below cells on Microsoft Office apps. 

Several users complained of encountering this problem even when they were typing some data on a cell in MS Office apps. Disable hardware graphics acceleration too, and the problem will resolve immediately afterward. 

Fix MS Office Black Screen Issue on Windows 11

If the display screen is partially or completely becoming black while starting MS apps or working on them, try applying this simple workaround –

  • Go to Start and search for MS Office products.
  • In this post, we have taken the example of Excel. So, we have started Microsoft Excel.
  • When the excel sheet opens up, go to File > Options
  • The Excel Options window will launch next. 
  • Select Advanced from the left pane, and then head over to its subsequent right side.
  • Scroll down to the Display section, and check the box left of “Disable hardware graphics acceleration“.

Solve Black Screen Issue on MS Office

  • Click OK (as shown above) to confirm the recent changes, and close MS Excel. 
  • Restart your PC next to make the recent changes effective from the next login. 

Sign back into your device and check if the black screen issue resolves while starting the MS Office apps. Let’s know in the comment section if you face any difficulty following this guide. 

Soni Aryan

Soni Aryan

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