Fix – Minecraft code has already redeemed Error on Windows 10 PC

Did you too try to redeem the Minecraft key, however, failed to do so rather getting the error message code has already been redeemed in Windows 10. Several users have reported this being a fatal error on Reddit or Java-based apps. The issue becomes even more complex and tedious if they have only one Microsoft account.

There are several probable reasons that may erupt “Minecraft code has already redeemed error” in Windows 10. The most obvious reason is switching in between different Microsoft accounts rather than sticking to the one with which you purchased the game. There is a way out to redeem your code manually. In case, you still face this trouble, it’s better to contact the official support and ask to diagnose the permission issue.

Ways to resolve Minecraft code has already redeemed error in Windows 10

Here, we elaborate step-wise workarounds to fix Minecraft code has already redeemed error on Windows 10.

1} Redeem your code manually

If you are attempting to redeem the code of the Minecraft, however unable to do so, you should manually try the same. Here’s how to proceed-

Step-1: At first, sign in to your Microsoft account (the one you used to purchase the Minecraft).

Step-2: Subsequently, go to the System tray and hit the Microsoft Store icon.

Step-3: Next, type Minecraft Windows 10 Edition in the search field and click on the well-matching result.

Step-4: Now, hit the “Redeem a code” button thereupon Buy from the same screen.

Minecraft code has already redeemed

Step-5: On the following screen, type information like email address and password.

Note: Make sure to enter the correct credentials.

Minecraft code has already redeemed

Step-6: Once the Microsoft store validates that you already own this game, the downloading process will head up automatically.

Step-7: After you redeem the code successfully, you may start playing the game without receiving any bug.

2} Contact official support

In case, Microsoft rejects the redeeming code, you should head over to the official support. Once you explain your concern to a higher authority, they may resolve your issue as soon as possible. Here are the essential steps-

  • First and foremost visit Login to and hit the login button.
  • Type the email id and password henceforth Log in button to open your account.


  • Now search the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition and check if the code is marked as being claimed before verifying the date.

Note: In case, somehow the Minecraft is not listed here, contact the Mojang Support.

  • If the Minecraft account does pop up, this implies that you have already redeemed the code using a personal account.
  • Now, visit the Microsoft official website and sign in to your specific account that you used to redeem the code.
  • Henceforth, move to the recent purchase list and check its availability there.
  • In case, you can’t locate the game, use another Microsoft account thereafter claim about this issue. 
  • If you have only one account, use contact Xbox support to reach out to the game section and claim to redeem your code.

Minecraft code has already redeemed

Hope, this article helps you to resolve the Minecraft code has already redeemed error in Windows 10. If you still have any queries regarding this, write us in the below comment box.