How to fix Minecraft black screen issue on Windows 10

Minecraft black screen issue is a very common bug which occur instantly while playing Minecraft on PC. Many users have faced this error mostly when they try to login on the game. This actually make your home screen stuck thus restricts the smooth function of this game. If you are a gamer and wants to remove this trouble on your system, follow this quick guide.

There are many factors responsible for this Minecraft black screen issue on the system. The possible culprit may be third party antivirus program, faulty driver, change in graphics settings, 3D display mode, SLI model or not supported java archives. The easy way to sort out Minecraft black screen issue is Run the compatibility mode or repair the faulty graphics driver. The other resolution could be use of CTRL+ ALT+DEL shortcut. Let’s move to learn how to apply them on your computer.

How to fix Minecraft black screen issue on Windows 10

Here is how to fix Minecraft black screen issue on Windows 10

Uninstall third party antivirus

The working principle of several applications get affected by the use of third party antivirus programs. Sometime it prevents the Minecraft or other game from running effectively. As a result, black screen can occur when the play starts on these games.

If you experience Minecraft black screen issue, your first move should be to check your antivirus program. Again look whether this has blocked the Minecraft game or not on your PC. To know this add the Minecraft in anti malware exclusions list and check.  If you are sure about the running antivirus blocked the Minecraft, uninstall then reinstall the antivirus program. Once performed, try running Minecraft on your PC again.

Follow these steps to uninstall the antivirus program:

At first, open Control Panel and choose the Program and Features category.

Here, select the installed antivirus software from the list and hit the Uninstall button.

Again click Uninstall to remove this program completely.

Note: You can use in-built Windows Defender application to protect your system from the attack of malicious file.

If uninstalling third party doesn’t help you to solve the issue, try next workaround.

Disable 3D Display Mode feature

If the Minecraft game continues to freeze due to black screen, the problem might related to Settings changes. As per several users view, disable 3D Display under Settings app might solve this nagging issue. Here is how to proceed:

Press Win and I shortcut to launch Settings.

Here navigate to the System category.

Under Display section switch to the right pane. Now scroll down the cursor and hit Advanced display settings.Minecraft black screen issue

Look for 3D Display Mode and inactivate this feature.

At last, try to start this tool again and check whether the Minecraft black screen issue has solved or not.

Note: The 3D Display Mode doesn’t support on every computer. In case this option is not available on your system or it fails to reconcile the issue, try next solution.

Disable the SLI mode

Basically the SLI feature is an useful tool to enhance the performance of the system. However, this can lead to different bugs. When you use more than one graphics card in SLI mode, it may cause Minecraft black screen issue. So disable the SLI mode can solve this bug. And thus you can play Minecraft without any interruption.

Disable Stereoscopic 3D feature

Many graphic card supports the Stereoscopic 3D feature however few game might not assist this tool. As a result, the problem starts to occur.  When this option is enabled, it leads to Minecraft black screen issue. The best solution here to solve this bug is:

Go to the Control panel and check the installed graphics card on your system. Once found, disable the same. Now try to run the Minecraft game again. Hope this time there is no black screen issue.

Try using a different file archiver software

This issue can be easily solved with the use of Win Zip application. This issue in general occurs on the java version of the game.  While trying java oriented file, your system must allow the process Unzip that file.

Run the game in compatibility mode

Sometime running the game in compatibility mode also encounter this Minecraft black screen issue on your PC. The compatibility mode is an inbuilt feature of Windows 10. This is used to run the previous application which might not be fully friendly with your Windows OS. Here is the process to follow-

Go to Cortana and type Minecraft. Again click on the well matched to open the file.

Right-click on the same and select Properties from the context menu.

Choose the Compatibility tab then mark the check box against “Run this program in compatibility mode for.Minecraft Black Screen Issue

Tap the down cursor on the drop down menu. And select your preferred version of OS then click on the Apply and OK button.

Once the task is finished, try attempt to play the Minecraft again. Now check if the issue has solved or not.

Use Ctrl + Alt + Del shortcut

If the Minecraft black screen issue continues to stuck your Home Screen, give this shortcut a try.  Here is the complete procedure:

Start the Minecraft game as usual.

When the black screen appears up, press Ctrl + Alt + Del hotkey.

Here click Cancel button to go back to the Windows screen.

If the home screen of the game appears up, play the game without any hassle.

Note: If the above workaround find helpful to you, use this shortcut when the black screen stuck the game.

Run the game with integrated GPU

Most of the PC have both integrated and dedicated in-built graphics. Dedicated graphics always perform better than the integrated. However if you are on the the dedicated graphics, this may cause the Minecraft black screen issue.

If the issue pops up due to dedicated graphics, try running Minecraft using the inbuilt graphics of your system. To do this, make a right click on the shortcut and select the option “Run with graphics processor“.

If this method work indeed, you have to use the default graphic for Minecraft and change your Dedicated Graphics asap.

Note: This is just a temporary solution. If the issue get resolved, this might come back again on your PC.

Reinstall graphics card drivers

In General, the faulty or obsolete graphics card driver can also cause the Minecraft black screen issue in game. To solve this trouble, you need to uninstall this driver and reinstall the same again. This process is quite easy, just follow the below steps-

Press Win logo & X hotkey to open Start.

Select Device Manager from the list.

Now look for the graphics card driver and expand it.

Right click on the same then select Uninstall device option.

Click Uninstall button to permit the changes.

When the driver is successfully removed, click on the Scan for hardware changes icon.Minecraft black screen issue
Now go to the official  website of the manufacturer. There download the latest version of graphics device driver as per your system architecture.

Once the process is finished, check if the Minecraft black screen issue is still available.

Note: The default settings of the device driver is by default not optimized. Hence, this may result into certain issues on your system.

Minecraft black screen issues can be quite problematic, but in most cases these problems are caused by your settings or drivers.

Hope now you are able to manage Minecraft black screen issue using one of our solutions.

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