How to Fix Microsoft Store Error 0x000001f7 in Windows 10

Today, in this post, we will discuss the reasons causing the Store error 0x000001f7 in the first place along with five different ways to correct them. On receiving this error, your PC may display the following error message –

Try that again as Something happened on our end. Waiting a bit might help, Error Code: 0x000001f7.

Although it suggests opening the Store app sometimes later, there’s no point in doing so. It doesn’t matter when you attempt again to launch Store apps, as your device will face the same error message time and again. In general, not having a synced Date & Time may cause this trouble. Besides, this bug may also occur on account of corrupted system files, unnecessarily stored cache, etc. Let’s explore the solutions in detail –

Fix: Microsoft Store Error 0x000001f7 

If you are struggling with the error code 0x000001f7 while opening Store apps or games, go through the below list of solutions sequentially –

1. Correct Date & Time on your computer

Whenever you encounter any problem while attempting to start Microsoft Store apps, the first thing that you must do is to check the current Date and Time. A PC bearing an incorrect date or time or even set to the wrong time zone is bound to initiate different bugs or errors. In case you do find any inconsistency in Date & Time settings on your computer, make sure to correct that first. Here’s how to change Date & Time Settings on your device –

  • Right-click on the box displaying incorrect Date & Time and select “Adjust date/time”. You may locate this box on the taskbar available at the bottom-right corner. 
  • On the Settings window, slide the “Set time automatically” and “Set time zone automatically” switches to the right. 
  • Next, click Sync now button. Your computer will auto-search for the correct values and stick to that. 

Microsoft Store Error 0x000001f7 - date and time

  • Lastly, close the Settings window and reboot your PC
Note: Alternatively, you may also opt-in to manually change the Date & Time. For this, you may take the help of this wonderful site.

From the next logon, check if the error 0x000001f7 resolves during Microsoft Store start-up. If not, try the next set of solutions –

2. Run Windows Store Troubleshooter

Windows Store Apps troubleshooter is a great tool by Microsoft. Running this tool will look for the exact reasons causing this bug along with an appropriate way to solve them. To troubleshoot Microsoft Store, use these steps – 

  • Press Windows Key + I to launch the Setting app.
  • Select Update & Security > Troubleshoot.
  • Jump to the right pane and click “Additional troubleshooters“.
  • On the next screen, click to expand Windows Store Apps and hit Run the troubleshooter.

Store Apps Troubleshooter

  • This tool may take a few minutes to find and repair the bad store components.
  • After the troubleshooting completes, hit Apply this fix.
Note: If you didn’t get any fix to apply, just skip this method and proceed to the next one. 
  • Restart the computer and when Windows 10 reloads, check if the error still persists or has been solved. 

3. Reset Windows Store to fix 0x000001f7

In case you are still getting the error code, try resetting Microsoft Store by following the below guideline –

Microsoft Store Error 0x000001f7 - wsreset

Running this code will clear all cache stored inside the Microsoft Store. As a result, the 0x000001f7 error shouldn’t occur again while opening games or applications downloaded from the Store. 

4. Repair Microsoft Store via PowerShell

If resetting the Store app doesn’t solve this issue, try repairing it by executing a single-line code on the Windows PowerShell (Admin). Here’s how to perform this task –

Get-AppxPackage *windowsstore* | Remove-AppxPackage

  • Next, execute the following code –

Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.WindowsStore | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

  • That’s it, PowerShell will automatically uninstall the Store application thereafter install it back. Restart your computer and check whether you can now open Microsoft Store without getting into the 0x000001f7 error. 

5] Reset Windows 10

If none of the above workarounds work to apply a fix to the 0x000001f7 error, resetting Windows 10 device is the only left option. You may use the following steps to reset your computer –

  • Press the Windows key and click upon the gear icon. 
  • When you enter the Settings window, select Update & Security thereafter Recovery.
  • Move to the right-wing and click the Get started button available under the Reset this PC section. 
  • Make sure to mark Keep my files option while moving forward. 
  • At last, hit Reset then Confirm if any confirmation window shows up. 

Let’s know which solution resolves the 0x000001f7 error in your case. If you have any queries or suggestions, ask us in the comment section. 

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